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Raise the accuracy of attacks.


Aim is a Ranger command ability in Final Fantasy V. It performs an attack at much higher accuracy, making it near guaranteed to hit. Aim is most useful with bows, which have naturally lower accuracy, but rods can still miss. The ability cannot be used if the user is under the Darkness status.


Aim is innate to Rangers, and available to anyone equipping the job. After reaching Ranger job level 2 for a total of 60 AP (45 AP from level 1), it can be equipped by any job.


Certain weapons have an Added Ability that randomly activates when the weapon is used with the Attack or Aim commands. Activated spells are cast in addition to the used command, but Mug from Thief Knife and Dance from Dancing Dagger replace the Aim command if randomly triggered.


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Aim should be used in place of normal attacks when using a Ranger, as there is no reason to use Attack with it available. This effectively guarantees that bow attacks hit enemies, negating their accuracy disadvantage.

In most other cases, Aim is not worth equipping unless in an area with enemies that have high Evasion. This is because Aim is effectively a second Attack, and as such, it is only really worthwhile as a Ranger. Upon obtaining the Rapid Fire ability as Ranger, which ignores Evasion entirely, Aim becomes obsolete.