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Powerful floateye. Its evil gaze deals damage.

Ahrimans in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are crimson variations of the Floateye enemies. Their high Move stat (5) and ability to fly over other units and high terrain make it one of the most mobile enemies. The Ahriman is most notable for its deadly Roulette spell. Fortunately, Ahrimans have one of the lowest HP scores for any monster, and their Defense score is rather low. That is why the Ahriman has the ability to lower the attack power of enemy units with the Circle ability. This skill more than doubles the time that the Ahriman gets to stay on the field before it is KO'd.



Ahriman command. Weaken foes with evil gaze.
Ability Effect MP
Roulette The roulette decides who is KO'd...friend or foe?
Element: Dark
Circle Mystical circle. Lowers weapon atk. and Magic pow.


Ability Effect
Counter Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack.

Appearances Edit


Mission Information
Mission #050: Staring Eyes The Ahriman here does not know the Roulette skill.
Mission #005: Twisted Flow Famfrit summons two Ahrimans to assist him. It is wise to move a unit into the range of the Ahriman on the right's attacking range. This way, it will be lured to the party instead of using the Roulette skill.
Mission #100: Fiend Run The Ahriman in this mission has escaped from the Monster Bank.

Clan encountersEdit

Home base Clan Information
Jagd Ahli Bloodthirsters The Bloodthirsters are one of the most dangerous clans in Ivalice, partially because of the Ahriman's penchant to use Roulette, which will not KO the enemy Vampires.
Jagd Helje Jagd Emissaries Try to KO the Ahriman here ASAP, along with the enemy Assassin.



Angra Mainyu in the Avestan language and Ahriman in Middle Persian is the Zoroastrian idea of the devil, meaning "destructive spirit."


  • Oddly, Ahriman's sprite have a mouth, but it's artwork doesn't.
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