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Ahriman is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Insomnia. It is introduced in the Windows and Royal Editions. It may be the same daemon species as the one in which the "Fatal Roulette" line of fishing lures are modeled after.


A two-winged, many-eyed daemon first discovered in imperial territory and brought to Lucis during the assault on the Crown City. While a single ahriman poses little threat on its own, a flock has proven a more formidable collective foe than most troopers in the magitek infantry. Researchers have discovered way to enhance the flying fiend's innate abilities, and this daemon now enjoys a comfortable position as one of the empire's favorite weapons of biological warfare.
Size: 4.36 ft. Weight: 70.1 lb.



Ahriman beam attack from FFXV Royal

Ahriman can be found in hordes the northern area of the city, near to the East Interchange lodging with a single Floating Death.

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