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The Ahriman, also known as FatalEye or Veteran, is an enemy from Final Fantasy IV. It appears in the Lunar Subterrane.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

As a flying enemy, Ahriman is weak to Throw element.

Strategy Edit

Ahriman is easy to take down by using Rosa's arrows or Edge's shuriken.

AI script Edit

Condition: [Monster's own state is "Ran"]
1 turn: [Attack target setting: enemy ally]
Condition: [Only the group of the monster himself exists]
1 turn: fight
2 turns:
Three turns: exactly
Condition: [Normal time]
1 turn: fight

Other appearances Edit

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

PFF Ahriman

Ahriman appears as an enemy.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit


The Ahriman appears as an enemy in various Final Fantasy IV dungeons. It can cast Confuse, Berserk, Doom, and Haste, to inflict the same status effects.

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

Etymology Edit

Angra Mainyu in the Avestan language and Ahriman in Middle Persian is the Zoroastrian idea of the devil, meaning "destructive spirit."

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