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Ahldbhar is a historical character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is one of the Archons who struggled to prevent the sixth Umbral Era fifteen hundred years ago.


Ahldbhar is described as "a bloody mountain of a man, and a fearsome warrior, besides". Many believe that Ahldbhar is the embodiment of Rhalgr the Destroyer himself, having Rhalgr's artistic renderings taken from Ahldbhar's image, described as "a bag of angry muscles in a mage's robes".


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Legend has it that Ahldbhar was the most powerful of the twelve archons. Ahldbhar fought relentlessly against a clan of wicked sorcerers that sought only to wreak havoc on the world through their dark powers. But something that threw Ahldbhar into deep despair. And in the end, he turned and took up with the enemy, though none can say as to why.

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