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Agrias Oaks is a historical character from Final Fantasy XIV. She appears in the Return to Ivalice raid questline and shares a similar story of her original appearance up until the encounter with Ultima.


Agrias joined Ramza and company to the Orbonne Monastery to prevent the resurrection of Ultima, the High Seraph. After a long battle with the seraph, they realized they couldn't defeat her, and instead sealed her in the realm of Mullonde once more. Ramza had planned for another hero to defeat her in the future, and they gave up their corporeal forms to act as guardians to test any hero that attempts to defeat the Lucavi.

When the Warrior of Light and an alliance of adventurers enter the monastery, Agrias appears as their second trial. Upon defeat she transforms into her human form, and tells the party she will return to Ovelia's side. After the Warrior of Light fells Ultima Agrias appears with the rest of her friends to thank the hero, before returning to the lifestream.



Agrias is a female midlander Hyur with long blonde hair and green eyes. She wears Ivalician holy knight armor, and when transformed, she has the appearance of an armored angel with a face mask and sharp legs.


Agrias has a strong sense of justice and honor, and cares about Ovelia even after death.


Agrias is fought as the second boss of The Orbonne Monastery The Orbonne Monastery