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Masters of espionage who travel the world in search of information. They are well known for keeping a woman–or several–in every port.


Agent is a job class exclusive to Al-Cid Margrace in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. He wields a gun and has several abilities that only affect female characters.

Al-Cid cannot change into other jobs, so he is restricted to Reconnaissance and Items. He has no access to reaction or passive abilities.



The AGENT does all in the name of his liege lady.

Skill Equipment Range AP
Escort Mastered 6
Take all damage directed at the target female unit until her next action.
Flourish Chaos Rifle Weapon range 150
Why just attack, when you can attack with a flourish? Deals additional damage if there are female units in the battle party.
Fawn Outsider 1 150
Flattery will get you everywhere. Grants REGEN and ASTRA to target female unit.
Enchant Peacemaker 1 150
Whisper sweet nothing to target female unit. CHARMS foes and raises allies' ATTACK.
Interrogate Mastered 6
Reveal the loot and items the target is carrying. Also reveals the location of traps and invisible units.
Succor Silver Cannon Self 150
Take a brief break from the battle. Restores HP and removes debuffs.
Impassion Mastered 3
Talk the target into a BERSERK frenzy. Also raises target's chance to score a CRITICAL HIT.
Reckless Abandon Longbarrel Weapon range 250
An attack that holds nothing back. Lowers target's SPEED. Requires: Gun


The Agent's A-Ability's 1-line help descriptions are quotes rather than actual descriptions of the ability's effect.

Skill Quote
Escort "I would lay down my life at a single word..."
Flourish "If it is a fight you want, you shall have it..."
Fawn "A rose on the battlefield is a thing of beauty, no?"
Enchant "Lend me your strength, my lady."
Interrogate "What do my little birds have to say?"
Succor "A moment's rest for the weary."
Impassion "It's all in the wrist."
Reckless Abandon "Time to take off the proverbial gloves."