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The Agart Mine is a location from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is located on the same island than the town of Agart. According to the townspeople, the mine was dug seven years ago, and the rich ores inside have greatly contributed to the town's prosperity.

The mobile and Steam versions of the Agart Mines have a different layout than the PSP version. There are only three floors and the Quarto Puppets are found on B2 during a Waning moon. They can be only be fought once and award Mythril Spring x2 after being defeated. They can be used to repair both the ship and Calca and Brina.


Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Agart Mine as well as the Agart is seen on the overworld map when the Falcon dives into the hole to reach the underworld. The party cannot explore either location.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

In Rydia's Tale, she and Luca go to the mine after the Falcon crashes on the island with hope of finding materials to fix the airship. It is the last dungeon of the Tale.

In the dungeon, the player can find a Mythril Spring, and in a specific room during the Waxing Moon fight Quarto Puppets, which drop Mythril Bolts and Mythril Nuts (in the iOS version, Mythril Spring x2 is needed). If the player collects at least one of each of these items, Luca will be able to repair the Falcon normally. However, if they fail she will have to scrap Calca and Brina for parts, and the two will not be available as party members for the rest of the game. (This only happen in the PSP version of the game. In the iOS version, the player will fight the Quarto Puppet after fighting the Agart Turtle).


Name Location
Remedy B1
Arctic Wind B1
X-Potion B2
Cottage B2
Phoenix Down B3
Decoy B3
Plate Mail B3
Remedy B4
Mythril Gloves B4
Dry Ether B4
Mythril Spring B4
Circlet B4
Agartite B4, guarded by Agart Turtle




Agartha is a legendary city that is said to reside in the earth's core. It is related to the belief in a hollow earth and is a popular subject in esotericism.