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Afrojack (real name Nick van de Wall) is a Dutch electronic music producer and DJ. Afrojack composed "Braver", featuring arrangements from the Chocobo Theme, for Final Fantasy XV, and was used in a trailer and available within the game as a soundtrack of the Regalia by default. "Braver" was released on the Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack Volume 2, as part of the 'Story' disc.

Afrojack is referenced within the game with the Afrosword weapon added in the v1.09 patch that changes the battle music to an unreleased Afrojack produced sample when used in battle by Noctis, which also plays in Timed Quests.

Previous to work on Final Fantasy, Afrojack has paid tribute to the series in track titles such as "Lionheart", "Griever", and "Esther". His track "Rock the House" samples "The Landing" from Final Fantasy VIII, and "Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X.

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