FFXI wiki icon Afflatus Misery is a White Mage ability in Final Fantasy XI. It becomes available at level 40 and is mutually exclusive with respect to Afflatus Solace.

While Afflatus Misery is activated, the most recent damage the player sustains will be recorded up to a limit determined by the character's level. This damage amount will determine the bonus value granted to specific spells. Unlike Afflatus Solace, it is non-cumulative and overwriting.

While under the effect of Afflatus Misery, the player gains a bonus to the following spells:

  • Cura: increases potency.
  • Esuna: bonus to the number and variety of enfeebling effects removed.
  • Auspice: adds Light damage to initial attacks and an Accuracy bonus when target is missed.
  • Banish spells: increases potency.
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