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Cloud and Aerith's date
Cloud and Tifa's date

Possible outcomes of affection mechanics

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth includes affection mechanics that alter which of the party members accompanies Cloud Strife in the Gold Saucer on two occasions: during chapter 8, "All That Glitters", and chapter 12, "A Golden Key", the date scene. The party member with the highest affection for Cloud will accompany him during the scene, and during the date scene, based on how high the affection is, a more intimate version of the date scene will appear.

Unlike previous titles, affection mechanics are not hidden from the player. In towns and other settings where party members disperse, points up to 50% are represented by an icon and a gauge above their head; after a full playthrough, the Play Log in the menu reveals more detail. The relationship with a party member grows based on completing Odd Jobs associated with that party member (more points offered if completed perfectly), using synergy abilities and synergy skills, selecting certain dialogue options that make them more amenable to Cloud, and certain choices throughout the story.

Each of Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, and Yuffie Kisaragi may accompany Cloud in chapter 8 and 12, and Barret Wallace and Red XIII can do so in chapter 12 and Cloud goes alone in chapter 8 if he has most points toward them. Each has a possible more intimate scene in chapter 12. Chapter 12 has a sixth option of Cait Sith, Vincent Valentine, and Cid Highwind together if affection scores across all party members are too low. Barret, Tifa, Aerith, Red XIII, and Yuffie each have an equal number of available Odd Jobs associated with them to increase availability. After finishing a playthrough, players can use the menu to select an option to revisit chapters 8 or 12 and select the accompanying party member and the standard or intimate scene without having to revisit the game and make the same choices (and seeing all scenes is required for 100%). Using chapter select, the player can also easily do the dialogue choices and/or Odd Jobs that reward affection points without needing to complete the chapter for them to "count"; as soon as they appear in the play log, they will take effect.

The mechanics in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are reminiscent of the affection mechanics in Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was also based on completing Odd Jobs with a party member. However, unlike Remake, the player cannot reduce their score with someone by replaying the relevant chapters and selecting worse options; the highest score obtained for each event will be retained. The Gold Saucer date choice for Cloud was also determined by date mechanics in the original Final Fantasy VII, though these mechanics were hidden from the player and based on dialogue alone.


There are opportunities to talk to each other party member in Chapters 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, and 11. Each of these conversations have three options, each with differing values. When replaying chapters, the player can see the value of options they have already selected, rated from 1 to 3 stars.

Yuffie is not present for the conversations in Chapters 2 and 4, but the dialogue options presented when she joins the party at the end of Chapter 6 give points in this category if answered correctly.

Unlike the original Final Fantasy VII, stars and dialogue responses only affect the party member being spoken to; no response will negatively affect relations with another party member.

Chapter 2: A New Journey Begins[]

During "A New Journey Begins", after Cloud awakens at the inn, each party member can be found around Kalm.

Tifa is found at the Mako Tank Plaza in Village Center in Kalm, standing in front of the tank. After her question "This tank remind you of anything?"

  • "The place I made that promise to you." (★★★)
  • "The water tower in Nibelheim." (★★)
  • "Any other mako tank." (★)

Red XIII is found around the west border of the Village Center, near the Photographer, at the bottom of some large stairs. After his line "One Can never be too careful with Shinra".

  • "I knew I could count on you." (★★★)
  • "Thanks." (★★)
  • "Good boy. (★)

Aerith is found outside the Magnahta Bookstore. After her line "Wanna climb the clock tower together?"

  • "Sure. Let's." (★★★)
  • "...If I have to." (★★)
  • "I'm busy." (★)

Barret is found at the Rusty Arrow pub. After his line "Not gonna have a drop till Seventh Heaven's back up and running."

  • "First one's on me." (★★★)
  • "First one'll taste good." (★★)
  • "No time soon, then." (★)

Chapter 4: Dawn of a New Era[]

During "Dawn of a New Era", when heading to the inn in Under Junon to rest, the party members can each be found in their own rooms.

Cloud&Tifa in Junon from FFVII Rebirth

Aerith's room on the first floor can be entered after the brief cutscene upon passing by. After entering it and talking to her, and hearing her line "Do you remember the first time we met?"

  • "You shoved a flower at my face." (★★★)
  • "The church, right?" (★★)
  • "Nope." (★)

Red XIII's room is just past Aerith's. After his line "I doubt I'll smell Shinra till it's too late."

  • "Huh. Not good." (★★★)
  • "We'll manage." (★★)
  • "Don't worry, never thought you could." (★)

Barret is found in his room on the first floor. After his line "What do you think Yuffie wants with us?"

  • "Your autograph." (★★★)
  • "To join Avalanche." (★★)
  • "Those Shinra bounties." (★)

Tifa is the last party member, and her room is upstairs. Speaking to her is mandatory. After her question "Do you remember a guy named Emilio?"

  • "Only person from the village I remember is you." (★★★)
  • "The general store kid?" (★★)
  • "No. Sorry." (★)

Chapter 6: Fool's Paradise[]

During "Fool's Paradise", Yuffie is the first that can be spoken to in Costa del Sol. Yuffie is found near an ice cream stand. After her line "You're obviously captivated by my bodacious beach bod."

  • "Yeah. Obviously." (★★★)
  • "C'mon. Can't you take a hint?" (★★)
  • "Nope." (★)

Each of the remaining party members can be spoken to after the boss battle, found around the beach.

Tifa is found at the mini bar near the exit stairs of the beach. After her dialogue "Feels like it's been ages since Seventh Heaven."

  • "Lot's happened since then." (★★★)
  • "Wanna go back?" (★★)
  • "Hasn't been that long." (★)

Aerith is found standing on the beach, looking over. After her line "I start thinking things so dark and ugly it scares me."

  • "They're just thoughts." (★★★)
  • "Everybody's got someone to hate." (★★)
  • "Then don't think." (★)

Red XIII is found laying on the beach closer to the steps. After his line "I know I should strive to maintain my composure around him, but..."

  • "Don't sweat it." (★★★)
  • "We had no choice." (★★)
  • "Yeah, you should." (★)

Barret is found on the steps at the exit to the beach. After his line "I couldn't do a damn thing for those poor bastards."

  • "You tried. That's all that matters." (★★★)
  • "This is on Hojo." (★★)
  • "Can't save everyone." (★)

At the end of the chapter, Yuffie will ask to join the party. After her line "Whadda you say?"

  • "Beat it." (Best choice)
  • "Bring it." (Worst choice, ends conversation)

After Yuffie's line "Afraid you're about to catch a beatdown?"

  • "Kinda." (Best choice)
  • "Not at all." (Worst choice)

After Yuffie's line "Bet you're thrilled, huh?"

  • "Hardly." (Best choice)
  • "Sure." (Worst choice)

After Yuffie's line "You don't want me around to save your butts?"

  • "...You can come with." (Best choice)
  • "No, we don't." (Worst choice)

Chapter 9: The Planet Stirs[]

During "The Planet Stirs", the party members are found around Gongaga upon first arriving.

Barret is found next to Cissnei's house. After his line "Wonder what kind stuff we'd end up growing here"

  • "Mushrooms." (★★★)
  • "Onions." (★★)
  • "Black milly? Red shelly?" (★)

Yuffie is found inside Cissnei's house. After her line "I am so, so bored... Bored right out of my brain"

  • "Nice song. Funny too." (★★★)
  • "I'd love an encore." (★★)
  • "Quiet down, will ya?" (★)

Red XIII is found near the altar. After talking with him, he will ask Cloud which mushrooms Cloud believes to be Gongaga mushrooms.

  • The Right Patch (★★★)
  • Middle Patch (★★)
  • The Left Patch (★)

Tifa is found in the house nearest to the flower altar (after taking a left upon entering). After her line "What sorta thing would you go for?"

  • "Gonna go with pot roast." (★★★)
  • "Pilaf, I guess." (★★)
  • "Soup's good." (★)

Aerith is found outside Zack's parents' house, and can be talked to after a cutscene involving them. After her line "Pretty selfish, huh? Waltzing in there, stirring up memories..."

  • "They didn't seem to mind." (★★★)
  • "You're too hard on yourself." (★★)
  • "Yeah, you mighta crossed the line." (★)

Chapter 10: Watcher of the Vale[]

During "Watcher of the Vale", the party members can be spoken to around the festival in Cosmo Canyon.

Aerith at Cosmo Canyon's Torch from FFVII Rebirth

Tifa is located in the crowd. After her line "Did I sound as awkward as I felt?"

  • "You did good." (★★★)
  • "I felt for you." (★★)
  • "You just gotta laugh it off." (★)

Yuffie is found in the crowd. After her line "Once you die, that's that."

  • "Pretty much." (★★★)
  • "Why do you think that?" (★★)
  • "Yeah. I totally agree..." (★)

Barret is found amongst the gathering. After his line "So what—we sit here and 'theorize'?"

  • "No, we fight." (★★★)
  • "Whadda you wanna do?" (★★)
  • "Maybe you'll learn something." (★)

Red XIII is also found in the crowd. After his line "Just forget I said anything."

  • "I'll lend an ear." (★★★)
  • "Wasn't listening." (★★)
  • "Don't gimme that bullshit." (★)

Aerith is the last party member; approaching her will end the section and mean other conversations will be missed. During the middle of the speech, when the line "What will you do?" takes place:

  • "Encourage her." (★★★)
  • "Smile at her." (★★)
  • "Stop her." (★)

Chapter 11: The Long Shadow of Shinra[]

During "The Long Shadow of Shinra", the party members are found around Nibelheim after entering the town.

Yuffie in Nibelheim from FFVII Rebirth

Aerith is found at the water tower. After her line "You never came up here hopin' she'd wave?"

  • "Sounds like something I'd do." (★★★)
  • "What? No way." (★★)
  • "That's not funny." (★)

Tifa is found in her house (turned into a treatment center). After her line "It was taking a toll... Then you turned up."

  • "Have I helped you get through it at all?" (★★★)
  • "Like it was fate." (★★)
  • "I never knew that." (★)

Barret is found in the inn. After his line "We gotta do something, right?"

  • "Hell yeah you're right. Screw them." (★★★)"
  • "I wanna know why they put the robes here." (★★)
  • "Not much we can do." (★)

Yuffie is found on the path to the mansion. After her line "What about, say, oh...materia?"

  • "Yup" (★★★)
  • "Dunno." (★★)
  • "Come to think of it...nope." (★)

Red XIII is found at the bottom of the stairs leading to the mansion. After his line "No one wants to hear people badmouth their hometown."

  • "This isn't my hometown." (★★★)
  • "I never liked that place either." (★★)
  • "Yeah, does kinda make you feel like shit." (★)

Odd Jobs[]

Each character has seven associated Odd Jobs. Completing each one gives points, perfectly completing each one (marked with a gold star) gives more points.

Barret Tifa Aerith Red XIII Yuffie
Lifeline in Peril (Grasslands) A Rare Card Lost (Grasslands) Flowers from the Hill (Grasslands) Livestock's Bane (Grasslands) The Saga of the Seaside Inn (Corel Region)
When Words Won't Do (Junon Region) Calling All Frogs (Junon Region) Stuck in a Rut (Junon Region) Where the Wind Blows (Grasslands) Teach Me, Great Warrior (Gongaga Region)
Missing: Mr. Birdie (Corel Region) Dreaming of Blue Skies (Junon Region) Rendezvous in Costa del Sol (Corel Region) The Hardest Sell (Junon Region) Bonds of Trust (Cosmo Canyon Region)
The Pursuit of Perfection (Gongaga Region) Bodybuilders in a Bind (Corel Region) The Spice of Life (Gongaga Region) Of Robed Men and Ransoms (Corel Region) Esoteric Secrets of the Elders (Nibel Region)
Hustle and Grind (Grasslands, Chapter 12) My White-Haired Angel (Nibel Region) Absence of a Sign (Cosmo Canyon Region) O Chicken, Where Art Thou (Gongaga Region) Tides of War and Worry (Junon Region, Chapter 12)
Escape from Endless Writer's Block (Gongaga Region, Chapter 12) Gold Cup or Bust (Corel Region, Chapter 12) Beneath Still Waters (Junon Region, Chapter 12) From Whence Life Flows (Cosmo Canyon Region) Trouble in Paradise (Corel Region, Chapter 12)
Lament of the Damned (Nibel Region, Chapter 12) Sand and Circuses (Corel Region, Chapter 12) Woodland Vigil (Gongaga Region, Chapter 12) Promises to Keep (Cosmo Canyon Region) Victim of Circumstance (Cosmo Canyon Region, Chapter 12)

The final Odd Job, "Can't Stop Won't Stop", does not unlock until after the Chapter 12 date scene and as such does not have an associated party member.

Synergy skills and abilities[]

The first time each synergy skill or ability that involves Cloud is used, the other party member will gain points. For Counterfire, the counter must activate to count.

Move type Barret Tifa Aerith Red XIII Yuffie
First Synergy Ability Partners in Pain Relentless Rush Firework Blade United Refocus Maelstrom Strike
Second Synergy Ability United Refocus Synchro Cyclone United Refocus Savage Assault Halcyon Descent
Cloud's offensive Synergy Skill Bullet Batter Power Cleave Spell Blade Howling Smash Spell Blade
Cloud's defensive Synergy Skill Counterfire Counterfire Counterfire Counterfire Counterfire
Other party member's offensive Synergy Skill Mad Dash Soaring Flurry Combat Savior Wild Charge Shuriken Sync
Other party member's defensive Synergy Skill Iron Defense Slip and Slide Bodyguard Phantom Fang Ninja Bazooka

Story Beats[]

This category contains all the events that can increase relationships with other party members that do not fit in the above categories.

Inauguration Parade[]

In chapter 4, performing well in Rufus's inauguration parade gives Tifa and Aerith points.

Shinra-8 Queen's Blood Tournament[]

Red XIII in a Shinra uniform from FFVII Rebirth

In chapter 5, winning the Queen's Blood tournament gives Red XIII points.

Same Taste in Beachwear[]

In chapter 6, Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith must all change into beachwear to enter the Costa del Sol beach. Each character has two options. If Cloud's chosen outfit is in the same row as either of Tifa or Aerith's chosen outfits in the following table, they gain points.

Cloud Tifa Aerith
Ocean Chocobo Majestic Glamour Floral Delight
Wild Surf Shining Spirit Pink Mermaid

Costa del Sol Beach Fight Partner[]

For the boss fight in chapter 6, Cloud has to decide between helping and fighting with Barret and Aerith, or Tifa and Red XIII. Whichever pair is chosen has both members gain points.

Corel Minecart Route & Score[]

At the end of the Coal Mines dungeon in chapter 7, Cloud has to choose between a safer or riskier route for the minecart that Yuffie, Barret, and Tifa will take to the exit. The safer route gives Yuffie points, the riskier route gives Barret points. Furthermore, performing well on the associated minigame gives both of them points regardless of route selected.

Gold Saucer Welcome Brawl with Dio[]

In chapter 8, winning the 3D Brawler match against Dio when first arriving in the Gold Saucer gives Red XIII points.

Corel Prison Buggy Escape[]

At the end of chapter 8, performing well in the minigame where Barret guns down Shinra soldiers chasing the party gives him points.

3D Brawler Match[]

In the Gold Saucer in chapter 12, Yuffie can be found playing 3D Brawler. Defeating her gives her points.

Gold Saucer Queen's Blood Rematch[]

In the Gold Saucer in chapter 12, after finding Dio, Red XIII can be found playing Queen's Blood. Defeating him gives him points.


During the chapter 12 date, performing well in Loveless gives everyone points.

Skywheel Date[]

If the chapter 12 date is the intimate version, whomever Cloud went on a date with gains points.


The biggest effect in the story is whom Cloud goes out with in chapters 8 and 12, which also affects who plays Rosa if Cloud's date is Tifa or Yuffie.

During the scene with Cloud and Aerith in "her dream world", the dialogue differs slightly depending on if Cloud has high or low affinity with Aerith:

Cloud: You'll have to give me a harder one next time.
Aerith: Oh? "Next time"?
High affinity:
Cloud: (smile) Yeah. Next time.
Aerith: (happy)
Low affinity:
Cloud: (looks away) I mean, why not.
Aerith: Yeah.. why not.

Behind the scenes[]

The Gold Saucer dates were intended to be more impressive than in the original game. While Final Fantasy VII Remake also had affection-based events, the main thing the original Final Fantasy VII's character relation mechanics affected was the date sequence at the Gold Saucer. The developers thus wanted to pay particular attention to these scenes. In the Rebirth date events, the characters grow closer to Cloud than in the original, and while they wanted to replicate what happened in the original date with Aerith, changing the dates for the other candidates was a conscious decision. Barret's date in Final Fantasy VII is more comical while in Rebirth he uses the moment to open up about his past. The "date" with Cait Sith, Vincent, and Cid was only added after the other five characters were done. When scenario writer Iwaki Hiroaki was told they would be adding another Skywheel event, his first thought was that it could not be a proper date, and had that in mind when writing it.[1]

Cloud&Tifa Skywheel from FFVII Rebirth

Cloud and Tifa's highest affection date.

Cloud and Tifa share a kiss if the player's affection with her is high enough. Since Cloud and Tifa's relationship was something that was left to the players' imagination up to this point, the developers had to remain careful about handling that scene. Kazushige Nojima worried about the affection system's effect on the main story, and Motomu Toriyama acknowledges that when the player can choose what to say, this can result in a gap between what happens and what the writers want the characters' emotions to be. In the end, the affection system was something that players were looking forward to, and Nojima hopes players will enjoy it as a gamified element outside of the main story.[1]


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