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An envoy of the Farplane that terrorizes all Spira. It can unleash chains of devastating spells as well as Emblem of Thanatos to get the last laugh.


Aeshma is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. It bares similarities with Varuna from Final Fantasy X. This fiend is completely immune to all physical attacks, and can cast the powerful Flare spell. Be sure to watch out for its Emblem of Thanatos, too. To defeat an Aeshma, you have to hit it with your strongest spells or special attacks, such as a Dark Knight's Darkness attack.

Creature Creator

Evolving from Aka Manah

When the Aka Manah's life story has been completed, it ends its' life upon release, and evolves into this form. It comes equipped knowing Firaga, Cure, and Drain. It also has Ailment Def., which protects it from any status ailment.

Like the two forms before it, it has high Magic, Magic Def., Accuracy, and Agility. Its' Strength and Defense are mediocre, and its' Luck and Evasion are low.

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