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Wind magic damage/one enemy


Aero is an attack magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. It is the basic Wind-elemental spell in the game, below Tornado. It can be junctioned to absorb or deal Wind-elemental damage in battle, or cast as a spell to deal moderate damage.


Aero can be drawn from a few enemies of a variety of levels. The easiest way to acquire it is through the Guardian Force Quezacotl's ability T Mag-RF, which allows Aero to be refined from Shear Feathers, easily acquired from the Thrustaevis enemy near Timber and its cards.



Aero has a spell power of 22 when cast, meaning its damage is calculated as:


It is cast as a spell in the Magic command, Selphie's Slot Limit Break, or Rinoa's Angel Wing if she has it in her inventory.

Casting Aero in battle increases compatibility with Pandemona by 0.6 and with Quezacotl by 0.2, but lowers compatibility with Brothers by 0.2.

Aero is effective when junctioned to resist Wind-elemental damage and is easily obtained by refining Shear Feathers. Later on, it is outclassed by Tornado, and using High Mag-RF the player can refine ten Aero spells to one Tornado spell.

Aero is used by the following enemies against the player party: Abyss Worm, Chimera, Fujin (1st), Ruby Dragon, Sorceress (A), Torama, and Vysage. It can be reflected.


Aero is a Greek prefix relating to air and flight. Common usages in modern times include the words "aeroplane" and "aerospace".