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Aern are humanoid in appearance, each one has a particular job, and while the job cannot be discerned by their name, the abilities, characteristics, and weapon speak for themselves. Each Aern also has a special TP ability based on which weapon it is wielding.

The Aerns exhibit some rather unique abilities. Aerns occasionally have blue crystalline "wristbands" appear for up to 30 seconds before being removed. They will continue to apply and remove their wristbands even while asleep. When equipped, the Aern receives an increase in attack power and speed. Of additional interest is the fact that about 40% of the time, Aerns will Reraise to full HP and MP a few seconds after they are defeated—and some, like the Dark Knight Ix'aern, may Reraise multiple times before being defeated for good. Adventurers should be careful, as a reraised Aern will automatically attack the person/party that defeated it if within range. Aerns may drop items after conceding defeat including organs and Luminian tissue. If Aerns drop items after defeat they will not Reraise.

Special abilities Edit

Aerns come equipped with a job, and will readily use the abilities granted them.

  • Auroral Wind: Cone attack Wind damage and Silence.
  • Biotic Boomerang' AoE damage and Plague. Used only by axe-wielding Aerns.
  • Crystalline Cocoon: Self Protect and Shell.
  • Depuration: Full Erase.
  • Disseverment: Single target damage and Poison. Used only by dagger-wielding Aerns.
  • Glacial Splitter: Cone attack damage and Paralyze. Used only by sword-wielding Aerns.
  • Impact Stream: AoE damage, Stun, and Defense Down.
  • Medusa Javelin: Single target damage and Petrify. Used only by polearm-wielding Aerns.
  • Sideswipe: Single target damage, Knockback, and Enmity reset. Used only by unarmed Aerns.
  • Wing Thrust: Single target damage and Slow.

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