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The Aerial Prison is a location from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is located in the Prison Sands, and all high-security prisoners are taken there. It is actually a cover for a top-secret weapons operation by the Lilty army, led by Jegran, using crystallized humans as fuel for huge airships.

After its fall, it can be revisited by going to the Edge of Oblivion. Doing this may trigger a fight with Omega Slaves.


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After finding out that the entirety of the Selkie Guild has been arrested and sent to the Aerial Prison by order of Jegran, Layle infiltrates the base with the aid of Amidatelion. Upon his arrival, he rescues Belle who had been caught and arrested by the Lilty authorities. The two part ways to search the area.

Layle finds a room where he is ambushed by a number of crystal armor units. Meanwhile, Belle reaches a corridor overlooking the large cell holding the other selkies. Jegran arrives and begins crystallizing the prisoners, intent on using them to power the Alexis. Belle attempts to bargain with him, saying she'll give him what he wants if he spares her tribespeople, but the High Commander refuses her terms. Layle arrives and lowers a crane for the selkies to climb and escape. Keiss arrives, bearing a notification signed by both Princess Althea and the Elder Council, ordering the immediate release of the selkie prisoners and the collection of the crystal shards powering the prison.

While Jegran turns on Keiss, Amidatelion arrives and absorbs the facility's crystal shards into the second Crystal Idol. She summons a zu to carry Layle to the engine so that he can use his powers to slow the prison's descent while she assists the selkies. Belle and Keiss are trapped on a catwalk above with Jegran advancing on them. Keiss clashes swords with Jegran but the Lilty gains the upper hand until Vaigali arrives and throws the two younger selkies to safety with Layle, but he is struck by Jegran's crystal arm. In his final moments, the guild master tells Keiss to see his ambition through before turning to crystal.

As the prison hits the sand and begins to tip over, Layle, Keiss, and Belle escape aboard Amidatelion's zu.

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