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Aeon, also known as the Ion, is an enemy in Final Fantasy III. It can be found as a random encounter in the land near the Crystal Tower and in the hidden treasure area before fighting Odin. An Aeon can also be encountered in a side quest to gain the Orichalcum, which may in turn be used to obtain the Ultima Weapon.


Battle Edit

Aeon strikes twice per turn with powerful physical attacks and uses Earthquake, which damages the whole party.


It is best to have jobs, such as Dragoons and their Jump, that can avoid Earthquake and deal solid damage. A high-level party can easily win with any arrangement of jobs.

Etymology Edit

The Greek word aeon, also spelled eon, indicates a period of existence or long space of time. It may be translated as "age." In Gnostic lore, the Aeons were emanations of God.

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