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The Adventurer is an optional boss in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. During the battle, the Adventurer is accompanied by the Faithful Fox.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

The Adventurer uses a variety of White Magic and acts twice per turn. During the entire battle, the Adventurer will raise her strength with Berserk and attack an individual party member. The Adventurer's physical attacks may inflict Poison and Silence. During the later stages of the battle, she will begin to cast Protect on herself and use Curaga to heal her and the Faithful Fox.

Strategy Edit

During the encounter, the player should be at least level 90. A good setup a Ninja, a White Mage, a Bard, and a Scholar. When fighting the Adventurer, it is advised to have high level equipment and have a Ribbon equipped to some party members. The player should equip their White Mage with the Curaga, Esuna, Arise, Dispel, Lux, and Miracle abilities. The Bard should be equipped with the Motet, Aria, and Fugue abilities. The player's Scholar should be equipped with the Quell and have extra healing spells to support the party. The party's Ninja should be equipped with the Target Dummy and Lightning Fist abilities.

After the Faithful Fox is defeated, the player can begin to take down the Adventurer. The player should have their White Mage cast Miracle to heal the party from any damage caused by the Faithful Fox. The player should have the Bard use Motet and Aria to raise up the party's stats and have their Scholar use Quell to lower down the Adventurer's strength. The player's Ninja should recast Target Dummy to increase their evasion. After doing so, the player should have their Ninja use Lightning Fist. When Adventurer's health gets to HP Critical, she will begin to use Berserk more often and will attempt to annihilate a single party member. The player should keep monitor of their party's HP and use Curaga or Miracle to heal the party and have their Scholar use Quell whenever the Adventurer uses Berserk. After the player is done fully healing the party, the player should having their Ninja continuously attack the Adventurer with Lightning Fist until she is defeated.

Etymology Edit

An adventurer is someone who undertakes into the unknown, often having a connotation of danger and excitement.

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