The Adroa is an enemy from Final Fantasy XIII. This small avian can summon much larger creatures such as Uridimmu if left alone for too long, so take it out first by abusing its low stagger threshold. Adroa appear in several Missions, usually alongside an enemy or two.

Mission[edit | edit source]

04 - A Hero's Charge[edit | edit source]

Mark: Adroa
Locale: Yaschas Massif - The Ascendant Scarp
Class: D

You mean to tell me my Focus is to hunt that one-eyed adroa that plagues the Ascendant Scarp? Did I really need to be made a l'Cie to go hunting? Did I not do that every day? Are l'Cie not meant to fight Cocoon? Is that not the reason I left, boasting of the feats of heroism I would accomplish?

...Am I never to return home again?

11 - Pride Before a Fall[edit | edit source]

Mark: Adroa
Locale: Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse
Class: C

My focus this time appears to be dispatching an adroa on the Archylte Steppe. I don't know how many years have passed since the fal'Cie last called upon me, but there seem to be more beasts about.

Not that it matters. Provided I can complete my Focus and retain my master's favor, I will never die. And a little hardship is a small price to pay for an eternity of peaceful dreaming.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Adroa is the god of the Lugbara people. He is the creator of Heaven and Earth and appears to people before they die. Adroa is split into two halves that represent good and evil, with the evil side being depicted as short and black in color.

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