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Emperor among the scions, able to reduce to nothing aught he strikes with a single vengeful blow of his fist, created in opposition to Deudalephon the Benevolent, scion of light. Though he was made by the gods to quell the fiends that raged in the Otherworld, his immense strength and fearsome visage drew the fiends to his side, and turned him against his creators. Adrammelech rose to prominence in the Otherworld, whence he led a fiendish horde against the gods, but in the end, he was defeated.

Adrammelech, the Wroth is an optional level one Esper in Final Fantasy XII. He is fought in the middle of the Zertinan Caverns and can be unlocked once defeated. His attacks are Lightning-based.

Adrammelech's license costs 25 LP, and he requires one Mist Charge to summon.


Adrammelech is associated with the element of Lightning, and is an optional Esper. He has a dragon-like form with a goat-like head and the cloven hooves. Due to his power over thunder, his color sign is yellow. Adrammelech is also referred to as the Makara Ascendant, the Sanskrit name of its zodiac sign as used in Jyotish (Hindu) astrology.

Adrammelech is based on a Lucavi from Final Fantasy Tactics. Adrammelech and Zeromus are the only Espers from Final Fantasy XII not to return in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.


Adrammelech is fought as an optional boss in the middle of the Zertinan Caverns and summons several undead to aid him during the fight. Once defeated, Adrammelech's license can be purchased for 25 LP.

Unlocked abilities in Zodiac versions[]

Esper licenses sometimes unlock licenses that could not otherwise be reached. Adrammelech's license will appear on all boards, but once chosen by a character, will disappear from all other boards. In The Zodiac Age version, the player can choose two license boards for each playable character, and activated licenses are activated on both boards if present.

Adrammelech allows access to the following licenses on these boards:


Adrammelech costs one Mist Charge to summon.


Flash Arc

A Lightning-elemental attack. It is like the standard higher level Thunder spell. Its power is boosted in the Zodiac releases.

Judgment Bolt

A Lightning-elemental attack, and Adrammelech's ultimate attack. Spiraling upwards, in high-speed flight, Adrammelech suffuses his body with electrical energy. The clouds surrounding Adrammelech darken and he unleashes bolts of lightning from his body, sundering the ground around the enemy. A blast of lightning strikes the enemy, sending debris flying into the air.

Gambit information[]

Priority Condition Action
1 Remaining time < 10 seconds Judgment Bolt[note 1]
2 Foe: Lightning-vulnerable Flash Arc
3 Foe: nearest visible Attack
4 Ally: HP < 100% Cura
Priority Condition Action
1 Remaining time < 10 seconds Judgment Bolt[note 1]
2 Foe: character HP < 30% Judgment Bolt[note 1]
3 Summoner: HP < 50% Curaga
4 Foe: Lightning-absorb Bio
5 Foe: more than one present Thundara
6 Foe: Lightning-weak Flash Arc
7 Foe: nearest visible Flash Arc
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Targets enemy with highest HP


Stat FFXII Zodiac
Attack 63 63
Defense 29 40
Magick Defense 25 40

Adrammelech absorbs Lightning but is weak against Ice, nullifying damage from any other elements. Though a flying opponent when he is fought as a boss, he is not aerial when summoned.


In The Zodiac Age, the HP values are doubled.

Level Max HP Max MP Strength Magic Vitality Speed
1 1,665-1,666 188-192 36 47 26 26
10 1,867-1,902 242-282 41 52 28 28
20 2,235-2,334 322-422 47 58 31 30
30 2,707-2,892 404-566 53 64 34 33
40 3,154-3,420 504-746 59 70 36 35
50 3,868-4,267 590-898 65 76 39 37
60 4,498-5,014 670-999 71 82 42 40
70 4,855-5,434 730-999 77 88 45 42
80 5,268-5,920 720-999 82 93 47 44
90 5,830-6,586 830-999 88 99 50 47
99 6,465-7,339 848-999 94 99 53 49
Level Max HP Max MP Strength Magic Vitality Speed
1 1,110-1,111 23-25 48 46 32 26
10 1,245-1,268 50-70 53 51 34 28
20 1,490-1,556 90-140 59 57 36 30
30 1,805-1,928 131-212 65 63 39 33
40 2,103-2,280 181-302 71 69 41 35
50 2,579-2,845 224-378 77 75 43 37
60 2,999-3,343 264-448 83 81 46 40
70 3,237-3,623 294-498 89 87 48 42
80 3,512-3,947 324-548 94 92 50 44
90 3,887-4,391 344-578 99 98 53 47
99 4,310-4,893 353-587 99 99 55 49


Name Range Target CT(Charge Time) Type Element Power
Attack 2 Single 30 Physical None 63
Cura 10 Circle 10 23 Magick None 46
Thundara 10 Circle 8 23 Magick Lightning 68
Flash Arc 12 Single 15 Magick Lightning 85
Judgment Bolt 12 Circle 10 0 Magick Lightning 110
Name Range Target CT(Charge Time) Type Element Power
Curaga 10 Single 30 Magick None 85
Thundara 10 Circle 6 30 Magick Lightning 70
Bio 10 Circle 6 30 Magick None 88
Flash Arc 12 Single 16 Magick Lightning 72
Judgment Bolt 12 Circle 8 35 Magick Lightning 120

Status effects[]



Adrammelech is a boss fought in the Zertinan Caverns in the Athroza Quicksands. It is also fought in the Zodiac versions at stage 35 of the Trial Mode along with two Skulwyrms. It is the only Esper the player can farm High Arcana from, since the party can flee one screen during the battle, then return and steal again. One does not need to possess the Canopic Jar to make the High Arcanas available. Adrammelech resists all elements but Ice that he is weak to. He is a flying opponent. As soon as the player steps into the area, Shambling Corpses will emerge out of the ground and will keep on spawning. Adrammelech has powerful Lightning-type spells, and its Thundaja can be deadly. Adrammelech can also use Bleed. In HP Critical it will use Thundaja regardless of any action taken. If this attack does not KO the party, he will use Perfect Defense, which negates all physical and magickal attacks for a time.



Adramelech was a god called Baal Adramelech (Baal means "Lord" and melech means "King" in Hebrew) in Assyrian mythology. It is said that children were sacrificed to him, but Greek accounts saying that child sacrifice via burning them or placing them within a heated bronze statue of the god are not historically verifiable, as no archaeological proof of such a large, bronze statue exists.

Adramelech is considered a demon in Judeo-Christian tradition, being generally depicted with a human torso and head, and the rest of the body of a mule, a peacock, or some combination there of. He was described as "The enemy of God, greater in ambition, guile and mischief than Satan. A fiend more cursed — a deeper hypocrite".

Adrammelech is also referred to as the Makara Ascendant, the Sanskrit name of its zodiac sign as used in Jyotish (Hindu) astrology.