But I suppose I should let the boss explain the rest in person. 'Cause, honestly, I don't want to get blamed for spilling the wrong thing.

Adonis to Lightning, after she shuts down God's Wrath

Adonis is a non-playable character in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. He is a member of the bandit group Monoculus, which operates in the Dead Dunes.

Adonis erects notices across the Dead Dunes and throughout the ruins there. He leaves stone slabs around the desert that warn of threats posed by monsters, and some give useful hints. Within the Temple Ruins Adonis places stone tablets near timed doors, informing Lightning that the location of the door has been marked on the map.



Adonis is a slender, young man with hazel eyes and short, blond hair that is tied in a short ponytail on the top. He wears a red bandanna around his head, as well as a red suit with deep decolletage and a black, skin-tight shirt. Adonis sports black, elbow-long gloves with red protectors on the elbows. He wears red protectors on his knees, and red boots. On his back, he has a backpack of sorts, in which he keep a weapon, possibly a dagger.


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Adonis takes Lightning to see his boss.

When Lightning first arrives at Ruffian, she runs into Adonis, who guards Monoculus's leader. He reveals a bit of information about the desert, but refuses to tell her more because she is not a member of Monoculus. Adonis gives Lightning a chance to join the gang and prove her worth to him by quelling the sandstorm called "God's Wrath," which no one has been able to deal with in the past. He also warns Lightning about the monster that appears near the sandstorm, which holds the key to ending it.

Lightning defeats the monster and collects the relic necessary to end God's Wrath. Adonis tells her to use the relic to activate a monument next to the location where the sandstorm rages. When God's Wrath subsides, Adonis is impressed by Lightning's power and allows her to join Monoculus. He reveals that the guild's leader has been tracking her since she got off the monorail at the Dead Dunes station and takes Lightning to meet his boss, who turns out to be none other than Oerba Yun Fang, Lightning's former companion.

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Creation and development

Adonis's early color scheme.

In early screenshots depicting the Dead Dunes, Adonis's clothes were mainly silver; they did not yet have their finalized, red color scheme.


Adonis Is Aphrodites’s lover in Roman myths, but is later killed by a boar. Only a “god” in inaccurate and flawed mistranslations, of the Renassiance era.

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