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Balthier: I'm afraid the jury's still out on that one.
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But I suppose I should let the boss explain the rest in person. 'Cause, honestly, I don't want to get blamed for spilling the wrong thing.

Adonis to Lightning, after she shuts down God's Wrath

Adonis is a non-playable character from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. He is a member of the bandit group called Monoculus, based in the Dead Dunes of Nova Chrysalia.


Template:Spoilers When the Dead Dunes suffers from a sandstorm called God's Wrath, Adonis recruits Lightning's services to end it. After God's Wrath is dealt with, Adonis accepts Lightning as a part of the guild and reveals that his leader has been keeping tabs on her since she got off the train at the Dead Dunes station. He takes Lightning to meet his boss, who revealed to be Oerba Yun Fang, a former companion of Lightning.

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Adonis is a god of beauty and desire in Greek mythology.


  • Like Fang and Vanille, Adonis speaks in an Australian accent.
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