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Adloquium in Final Fantasy XIV.

Adloquium (鼓舞激励の策, Kobugekirei no Saku?, lit. Plan of Inspirational Encouragement) is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series, appearing only in the online installments of the series. The spell is of healing nature and is always associated with the Scholar job.


Final Fantasy XI[]

MP 50
Effect Generates TP
Duration 3 minutes
Casting Time 5 seconds
Recast Time 18 seconds
Magic Type Enhancing Magic
Element Light
Jobs SCH 88

Adloquium is a spell learned by Scholars at level 88. When cast, the target of the spell will generate 1 TP every 3 seconds for a total of 60 TP. It has a duration of 3 minutes. It can be recast every 18 seconds and takes 5 seconds to cast. It costs 50 MP to use.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Adloquium is an Scholar job ability available after completing the "Forgotten but Not Gone" job quest at level 30. The ability restores the HP of a single party member with a potency of 300 and buffs the target with a barrier that nullifies damage equaling 125% of the amount of HP restored for 30 seconds. In addition, when critical HP is restored when using the spell, the damage nullification is doubled.


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Adloquium is of Latin origin and means "talking to, encouragement, friendly/reassuring words".