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Adds weapon's status effect (Add ST) when you Attack.


Add Status is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for physical attackers and Vivi and Quina that enhances the user's Attack command by allowing it to randomly inflict the status of the character's equipped weapon to the target. Add Status costs 3 Magic Stones to equip.


Add Status is learned from Bone Wrist, Chimera Armlet, Bracer, Feather Hat, Twist Headband, Glass Buckle, and Thunder Gloves for variable amounts of AP; Amarant learns it the fastest at 20 AP, while Steiner learns it the slowest at 50 AP.

Feather Hat for Zidane, Vivi, and Quina is first bought from Dali.

Glass Buckle for everyone is first synthesized in Lindblum.

Bone Wrist for Zidane, Vivi, Quina, and Amarant is first bought from Treno when Princess Garnet and Captain Steiner visit there with Marcus, and is soon after stolen from Ralvurahva. Chimera Armlet and Twist Headband for the same characters are available from shops after the party returns from the Outer Continent, and there is a free Chimera Armlet from watching two Treno ATEs ("Memories by the Water" & "City People") and from Lindblum Castle Serpent's Gate. Bracer for the same characters is synthesized in Black Mage Village in the endgame.

Thunder Gloves for Steiner and Freya can be found for free in Cleyra's water wheel area, near the sign hanging from a branch. They can also be bought from shops and unequipped from Beatrix.


When Add Status is active, there is a small chance to inflict the target of their Attack with the equipped weapon's status effect as long as the target is not immune to the ailment. The player can find out the weapon's status (if it has any) by pressing Select while hovering over it in the menu. Only the weapons that have status ailments attached to them are listed in the following table. For Zidane, Add Status only works with daggers; to use the thief swords' statuses, the player must use the Soul Blade skill.

The formula for each of these weapons to inflict said status is as follows:

If Chance > Rnd (0...99), Add Status is successful.

Add Status differs from status spells' infliction by being unaffected by both the attacker and the target's stats; only the weapon's infliction chance matters. Add Status only works with Attack command, i.e. not with Jump or Throw or Swd Art or any other separate ability. Add Status can activate with Charge! or Counter and these compel characters to use their Attack.

Weapon Status Type Hit chance
Mage Masher Silence Dagger 20
Gladius Slow Dagger 35
Ice Brand Freeze Sword 10
Flame Saber Heat Sword 10
Rune Blade Darkness Sword 25
Ultima Sword Sleep Sword 20
Ragnarok Slow Sword 30
Oak Staff Slow Staff 20
Cypress Pile Confuse Staff 20
Octagon Rod Trouble Staff 10
High Mage Staff Silence Staff 15
Mace Of Zeus Mini Staff 15
Ice Lance Freeze Spear 10
Trident Darkness Spear 20
Heavy Lance Stop Spear 20
Obelisk Petrify Spear 10
Kain's Lance Confuse Spear 10
Needle Fork Petrify Fork 10
Silver Fork Slow Fork 15
Bistro Fork Sleep Fork 20
Gastro Fork Stop Fork 10
Poison Knuckles Poison Knuckle 40
Scissor Fangs Venom Knuckle 15
Avenger Instant Death Knuckle 5
Kaiser Knuckles Trouble Knuckle 15
Duel Claws Berserk Knuckle 25
Rune Claws Darkness Knuckle 30


Add Status is a good bonus to equip when the character's best weapon has a useful status effect. It is likely not worth equipping subpar weapon just for Add Status, unless the character does not rely on their Attack command in battle, anyway. It can complement other abilities that enhance the character's Attack: Killer abilities, MP Attack, and Elem-Atk gear to make the most out of the character's Attack command.

Possible downside is if the wielder is confused and attacks party members, inflicting the statuses onto them.

The ability soon becomes obsolete for Zidane as all his best weapons are thief swords that do not work with Add Status.