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Any minimantoise that lives long enough can grow this big. As you might expect, weak attacks will simply bounce off an adamantoise's incredibly hard shell. It's said they dream of learning how to fly, but pigs have a better chance.

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Adamantoise is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy.


Base Stats Edit

Encounter Stats Edit

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Location Formation
The Low Seas - Low Seas Region Adamantoise *(Field encounter)
The Coliseum - Preying Mantoise Adamantoise
EX Dungeon A - Area 3 Adamantoise *(Field encounter)



Adamantoise is a portmanteau of "adamantite" and "tortoise".

Adamantite and similar words including Adamant and Adamantine are used to refer to any especially hard substance, whether composed of diamond, some other gemstone, or some type of metal.

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