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After an infinite regression we arrived at an answer: the turtle's all the way down.

Adamantoise is a superboss in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe hunt. Defeating it gives the Tortoise Toppler achievement/trophy.

Cid will mention Regis once took on the adamantoise, but was not able to finish it off. The Adamantoise Meat the adamantoise sometimes procures can be used to cook Longwythe's Peak, a recipe available in the post game. The Adamantite material it otherwise yields is an excellent Elemancy catalyst. The hunt reward is an accessory that gives max (9999) HP to the wearer.


Largest and oldest living creature known to man. Said to have been born at the dawn of time itself, the adamantoise first appears in documents produced circa the advent of the Kingdom of Lucis. According to said records, metal procured from its shell was used in the construction of conduits used to channel the Crystal's power into the Wall around the Crown City.
Size: 2,340.97 ft. Weight: 17,398,421.50 t


Noctis receives an emergency call from Cindy, who warns him about a sudden rash of earthquakes rocking the Leide region. The prince and his friends agree to investigate.
Lonely Rumblings in LongwytheHammerhead
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Adamantoise x1Longwythe Peak (All Times)9950,000 gil, Adamantite Bangle★★★★★

To find the adamantoise, the player must use Umbra to return to the Lucis once the feature is available, and then take the Let Sleeping Mountains Lie quest from Cindy at the Hammerhead station. The quest concludes with the party discovering that the mountain at Longwythe Peak is actually the adamantoise, which they flee from under a timer. If the timer hits to zero in two timed events, the game is over. The player can now accept the Lonely Rumblings in Longwhythe hunt from Takka at his restaurant by the Hammerhead. After accepting the hunt, all NPCs disappear, said to be hiding from the rampaging adamantoise. The hunt can be repeated. The player can still camp after the adamantoise has been roused, which can affect the camping sequence with its tremors.

14 14 friends Adamantoise quest 2 ending

14 14 friends Adamantoise quest 2 ending

All possible NPCs at the diner

After defeating the adamantoise, if the player talks to David Auburnbrie, he will take the player to the Crow's Nest Diner at the nearby Longwythe Rest Area where up to 14 non-playable characters congratulate Noctis's party and yield an Oracle Ascension Coin each. How many people attend depends on how many quest-givers the player has met, though the characters the player has befriended during the main quest are always present. The player needs to accept a quest from the others for them to appear, besides Kimya, who only appears if the player completes all of Dave's quests.

The NPCs who can appear are:



Adamantoise can take a long time to kill due to its 5,264,400 HP. Its attack patterns are predictable due to its size and it glows yellow right before it attacks. The player can attack its feet and head. Despite its immense size, the adamantoise doesn't do extreme damage, so the battle is doable on lower levels, although being on higher level makes the battle faster. The eyes and the neck are its vulnerable points.

There are rocks around the tortoise that can be point-warped to. Adamantoise's battle area is unusually large, and warp-striking from a great distance gives a phenomenal damage multiplier.

After having lost a certain portion of its health, the adamantoise becomes vulnerable, and if the player inflicts a certain amount of damage to it within a time limit, they gain 10 AP.

Adamantoise group parry in FFXV

Group parry.

The player can get a special parry animation against adamantoise; the only requirement is to be using a weapon that can parry (magic and the Cerberus sniper rifle can't). The parry is triggered by standing just to the right or left of the tortoise's head when it lifts its head and slams down. Noctis manifests a royal arm for each party member (Blade of the Mystic for himself, Axe of the Conqueror for Gladiolus, Swords of the Wanderer for Ignis, and the Sword of the Wise for Prompto). They throw their weapons at the adamantoise and warp to the top of Longwythe's Peak. They jump over the edge to attack the adamantoise's head from above.

After patch 1.06 Ring of the Lucii's Death and Alterna work against the adamantoise. If Titan is summoned in this battle, he has a unique animation.


Are we even making a dent in this thing?

As long as the player avoids using greatswords, they should be able to take the adamantoise down easily. To hasten the battle, the player can use Armiger whenever possible.

Eating Golden Tail Soup or Scientia-Style Sushi before the battle guarantees a 100% critical hit rate (Marrowshroom Chowder also yields this buff, but the two other recipes also yield other buffs; the sushi is especially potent but only available in the Windows and Royal Edition versions). Zwill Crossblade is a good weapon to equip for its strength and attack speed. If the player has them, Ulric's Kukris are a good weapon for Ignis. The player can also use Ragnarok for its powerful warp-strike, or Ultima Weapon, royal arms, or just use the Ring. Unlocking the Airstep nodes in the Ascension is useful. Ignis's The Good Chamberlain accessory has him automatically use items to heal Noctis.

Good Techniques to use are Piercer, Sagefire, Trigger Happy, and Cyclone.

Combining these methods, the battle can be done in as little as 15 minutes if the party is on a high level.

Attacking the head deals best damage, but it is up in the air meaning Noctis will need to warp-strike. Plummeting from the warp-strike will deal fall damage, so the player can hold the warp button to repeatedly strike without falling until they are going to run out of MP, at which point one can initiate a Technique to avoid the fall damage. Point-warping restores Noctis's MP after learning the appropriate ability in the Ascension, and thus he can resume warp-striking. Ragnarok has the best warp-strike, but it is exclusive to season pass holders and the Windows Edition. The Sword of the Mystic royal arm has a unique warp-strike that hits multiple times, and thus can be good for this battle, although the player should switch weapons before Noctis's health falls too low (can be done while airborne). The player can set Ignis's Technique as Regroup and use it as Noctis is about to fall from his warp-striking frenzy to both avoid fall damage and to restore his health.

When using the Ring of the Lucii, both Death and Alterna work, although the chance of Alterna hitting is low. The player can simply hold the attack button with the Ring and the adamantoise will rapidly lose health from Death. When about to run out of MP, the player can point-warp and immediately resume. If the player exclusively uses the Death spell the adamantoise will die at about 85% of its health still left, with a single Vulnerable sequence where the player can also collect easy 10 AP. There is no need to use Techniques and Armiger. If using the Death spell Noctis should wear his best Magic-boosting accessories and attire, and equip Magic-boosting royal arms (without actually switching to them during the battle). Boosting MP or using food buffs are meaningless for Death.

Creation and developmentEdit


Adamantoise in the TGS 2014 trailer.

Before the game had released, Director Hajime Tabata had mentioned defeating adamantoise would take 30 in-game days, which would be close to 15 hours in real time.[1] However, in the final game, the fight is much quicker. Adamantoise appeared in the Tokyo Game Show trailer in 2014 where the party marveled at the creature when driving past it. This sequence is not in the final game, and adamantoise being the Longwythe Peak is not known by the populace.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Adamantoise FFXV

The Adamantoise is fought as a boss in Final Fantasy XV event dungeons, usually as a high-level enemy. Its leg and head are separate targets.



Adamantoise is a portmanteau of "adamantite" and "tortoise".

Adamantite and similar words including Adamant and Adamantine are used to refer to any especially hard substance, whether composed of diamond, some other gemstone, or some type of metal.


  • When the party wins Ignis exclaims that after an infinite regression they have arrived at an answer: the turtle's all the way down. This is a pun on the phrase "it's turtles all the way down", which refers to the World Turtle, a mytheme of a giant turtle supporting or containing the world in Hindu mythology, Chinese mythology and the mythologies of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. "Turtles all the way down" is a jocular expression of the infinite regress problem in cosmology, suggesting the World Turtle itself is supported by a chain of turtles. Questioning what the final turtle is standing on, humorously concludes that it is "turtles all the way down".
  • The recurring Lucian quest-givers who do not appear at the Crow's Nest Diner after the player fells the adamantoise are Cindy Aurum and Randolph.
  • The group parry against adamantoise is the only time where Noctis's retinue warps.

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