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Final Fantasy VII - Adamantaimai Glitch - Data Error

Final Fantasy VII - Adamantaimai Glitch - Data Error

The glitch in action

The Adamantaimai Cure glitch is a bug in Final Fantasy VII involving the enemy Adamantaimai. If the player casts Barrier and MBarrier upon the Adamantaimai before its first turn, the Adamantaimai will try to use Cure. However, the Adamantaimai does not have Cure in its attack list, so the game will either freeze, crash, or do stranger things.

Sometimes the game will give the battle message: "Data Error - Scene: 179/Code: 32 - Push L1 + R1 + Select for Reset", and this will repeat over and over again. The player cannot do anything but push those buttons to return to the world map. (The Scene number refers to the battle's number in the game's list.)

This glitch will cause the game to crash in the PC version, as the game's internal data exception handling was removed.

The reason Adamantaimai tries to use Cure is that Cure has the ability ID of 0. Adamantaimai selects an ability to use if it does not have Barrier status, and another if it has Barrier status but not MBarrier status, but at no other time does it store an ability in memory. If on its first turn it already has both of these statuses it never sets an ability, but still tries to use the ability at the variable. Since no value was ever set, the value is 0 and Adamantaimai tries to use the ability at ID 0, which is Cure. While the move Cure is technically valid for Adamantaimai, it has no animation for casting this spell unlike its other attacks, and thus a Data Error with the Code 32 appears.

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