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Plainly put, we miners locate and dig up the mineral wealth that sleeps beneath the ground. Without us toiling out in the wilds, folk wouldn't have metal for arms and armor, nor gemstones for trinkets and baubles. Make no mistake, mining is grueling work, and we're dog-tired most of our waking hours. But nothing compares to the thrill of triumph we experience when the earth yields up our prize.

Adalberta Sterne is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is the guildmaster of the Miner's Guild in Ul'dah.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Adalberta is a female highlander Hyur with shoulder-length red hair. She wears a set of mining equipment (excluding the helmet).

Story Edit

FFXIV Adalberta Sterne

Adalberta is the main questgiver for the Miner class. She was originally a refugee from Ala Mhigo and had studied as a protegeé under Deep Canyon before unexpectedly being promoted to guildmaster.

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