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Actinic Burst
MP 24
Effect Area of effect Flash effect.
Duration 15 sec
Casting Time 0.5 sec
Recast Time 60 sec
Magic Type Blue Magic
Element Light
Jobs BLU 74

Actinic Burst (A.バースト, A. Bāsuto?, lit. A. Burst) is a Blue Magic spell in Final Fantasy XI learned from Ghrahs. It greatly lowers the accuracy of enemies within area of effect for 15 seconds. It generates a large amount of enmity. It costs 4 Blue Magic Points to set. When set it grants HP +20 and CHR +2. It takes .5 seconds and can be recast every 60 seconds.

It can be overwritten by the White Magic Flash, and cannot overwrite that spell's Flash effect. It cannot be removed by Blindna, but can be removed by Erase, Esuna or Healing Waltz.

Actinic Burst is also an enemy ability used by the Ghrah family.


Actinism is the property of solar radiation that leads to the production of photochemical and photobiological effects. Actinism is derived from the Greek ακτίς, ακτῖνος (a ray or beam).