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The hulking mechanoids known as acroliths are unique amongst the legions of the Undead Swarm as they are the only inorganic weapons in the Swarm's ranks. These strange contraptions can fall apart as they fight, often discarding entire limbs during combat.

Regular Monsters[]

  • Mechanical Menance

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Acrolith
  • Boompadu
  • Earth Mover
  • Koghatu
  • Wulgaru

Special Attacks[]

  • Detonating Grip: AoE damage. Sacrifices right arm.
  • Dire Straight: Single target damage.
  • Dismemberment: Single target damage. Sacrifices a body part every time it is used.
  • Earthshatter: AoE damage.
  • Sinker Drill: Single target damage.