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For outdated mechanics on this gameplay element, see Quest (Record Keeper) or Cid's Missions.

The Acolyte Archives are a library of missions in Final Fantasy Record Keeper, introduced with the May 30, 2018 relaunch. These archives supplant the earlier Cid's Missions feature that was in use from Spring 2016 through the relaunch.


As with both prior missions catalogues, the Acolyte Archives serve as a means for players to receive incentives upon the completion of given tasks. These prizes range from small amounts of gil and Gysahl Greens to crafting materials, Hall of Rites tickets, and Mythril. Like Cid's Missions before them, the Archives only require that the player completes the assigned task to receive the mission's reward. All prizes are delivered into the player's Item Box for pickup within 30 days, as inventory space permits.

The Archives also present as a library of voluminous books, each containing progressively more difficult assignments with better rewards. In this way, completing any main "volume" will award a prize of its own: a one-time, three-item Relic Draw with a guaranteed 5★ drop plus a bonus pick from one of several preset relics classes.

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Musical themes[]

This feature uses "Secret Library Daguerreo" from Final Fantasy IX as its theme music.


An acolyte, from Greek and Latin meaning "attendant", is a low-level practitioner of a religious order, often a young person trained to assist in ritual and ceremonial duties on behalf of higher-ranking clergy.

An archive is a physical or virtual repository, created to collect, store, and preserve creative works of past eras in their original, unaltered states. The term is also used to describe a collection of materials that contains an expansive body of knowledge.