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A key member in Class Zero who is thoughtful, high-achieving, and capable. In the maelstrom of war, he fights alongside his classmates wielding a deck of magic cards as his weapon. Contrary to his cool demeanor, he is rather hot-blooded and can let his recklessness get the best of him at times. Ace has a passion for chocobos and song.


Ace is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during the Lost Chapter Unparalleled Power.



Ace wears the uniform of Class Zero that consists of a black jacket, white pants, a medium-sized red cape and a brown pack.

Ace's alternate costume is his Akademia Summer Uniform.


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Ace is found by Rem defending an injured chocobo against an Red Giant. While surprised of his fellow classmates' presence, Ace falls back to treat the chocobo.

Sadly, the chocobo was beyond healing. The chocobo passes its' final message to Bartz before it dies from its' injuries. Throughout the journey with the otherworldly warriors, Ace feels guilty for being unable to save the chocobo, apologizing to a group of chocobos he encounters. Eventually, Ace expresses how weird it felt, remembering the passed on chocobo.

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Ace's fighting style revolves around adding cards to his stock, which transforms his command abilities upon reaching a full stock of three. In addition to the command abilities Burst and Spiral Combo granting Ace a full stock, his BRV Attack adds one card to his stock while his HP Attack adds two. His transformed command abilities consume all cards in his stock. His abilities extensions, after updates, allows him to retain his card stock even after using his transformed abilities. Furthermore, Mega Burst and Great Spiral Combo grant Ace a framed buff that further enhances them when reaching maximum stack.


Command abilities
Passive abilities


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  • Ace's gameplay mechanic is derived from his Cut Cards ability in Final Fantasy Type-0, where he can draw up to three cards to change his current ability. However, the cards that appear above his head are always red, thus Burst is the only ability he gains access to via that mechanic.
    • His EX ability's buff mechanic has randomized unique-framed-buffs in reference to the Cut Cards mechanic.
  • The death of a chocobo in Ace's event alludes to the opening of Final Fantasy Type-0. In both cases, Ace expresses his guilt at being unable to save them.


  • In Ace's alternate costume artwork, he is one of the few characters wielding a different weapon from his signature one (wielding his Akademeia Deck as opposed to his standard cards).
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