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Ace attacking Final Fantasy Type 0

Ace in battle.

Ace is a playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0. Developers have stated Ace is meant to be a beginner-friendly character. Ace wields a deck of cards in battle, and has a quick ranged battle style where he throws them at his enemies. Ace has low HP, but overcomes it with excellent evasion. Ace, after summoning his weapon, is the only character whose dodging changes to teleportation. With his teleporting dodge, he can easily pass through enemies and even allies for easier escape when cornered.


Level HP MP Strength Defense Fire Magic Ice Magic Lightning Magic Defense Magic
6 230 250 58 47 53 55 56 57
10 276 265 62 48 55 57 58 59
20 387 304 72 51 60 62 63 64
30 488 343 82 53 65 67 68 69
40 578 382 92 56 70 72 73 74
50 660 421 102 58 75 77 78 79
60 731 460 112 61 80 82 83 84
70 793 500 122 63 85 87 88 89
80 844 539 132 66 90 92 93 94
90 887 578 142 68 95 97 98 99
99 916 609 151 70 99 101 102 103
Ranking: 12th 8th 10th 12th 9th 8th 5th 6th



Flip Card.

Ace's cards automatically replenish to fifty-three pieces. His regular attack throws a handful of cards that home in on his target. By tilting the analog stick up or down he can use variants of his basic attack. The first is a melee attack that involves Ace creating a circle of cards around him. The second is a chargeable attack that summons up to three cards above Ace that fire at the enemy one by one when released. With an upgrade, Ace can summon up to five cards with the charged attack. The charged attack has an incredibly long range, which can be exploited when using Ace as a sniper character.

Ace's normal attack first fires off three cards, then four, then four again, and the finisher (learned with Finishing Blow) fires off six cards, totaling up of seventeen cards/hits for a full combo. Ace's cards during normal attacks actually sway quite a bit rather than just flying straight ahead, which allows the cards to move around anything in front of the target. Ace can easily change to either his melee or charged attack. His attacks' action time is short, allowing dodging right after an attack.

Cut Cards draws one card which changes the effects of Ace's basic attack. Up to four cards can be drawn before they are used and there are four types of cards, each granting a different ability. The final effect is decided by the most present type of card, and is strengthened by the quantity of cards drawn.

The final effect can be one of the following:

  • Short Stop – Ace draws a majority of white cards. Feint, direct attack. Can Stop foes.
    • Drawing multiple white cards upgrades this ability to Long Stop, Mega Stop, or Giga Stop.
  • Burst – Ace draws a majority of red cards. Quick, powerful and direct attack.
    • Drawing multiple red cards upgrades this ability to Super Burst, Mega Burst, or Giga Burst.
  • HP Charge – Ace draws a majority of blue cards. Recovers Ace's HP.
    • Drawing multiple blue cards upgrades this ability to Super HP Charge, Mega HP Charge, or Giga HP Charge.
  • MP Charge – Ace draws a majority of yellow cards. Recovers Ace's MP.
    • Drawing multiple yellow cards upgrades this ability to Super MP Charge, Mega MP Charge, or Giga MP Charge.

Because Ace is able to draw four cards before being forced to use or dismiss them, there are four levels of effect for each ability. A two-card hand (Super-class, or Long Stop) simply increases power; a three- or four-card hand (Mega- and Giga-class) will deal damage to all enemies in the vicinity, or heal all allies. The higher the rank, the more potent it will be. However, if Ace draws, for example, the first two cards as Burst cards (into Super Burst), and the last two cards as HP Charge (into Super HP Charge), the Super HP Charge ability will be the end result.

Ace has four specialized variants of Cut Cards that are unlocked at higher levels, each of which has a higher chance of drawing a certain type of card, but consume more AG; Attack Hand for Burst cards, Support Hand for Short Stop cards, Life Hand for HP Charge cards, and Spirit Hand for MP Charge cards.


Jackpot Shot.

Ace's Jackpot Shot is useful against slow, large enemies, such as the Colossus. Conjuring the Jackpot Shot repeatedly(up to three at a time) can deal a lot of damage as they hit multiple times despite closing the opportunity for Killsight. Jackpot Triad shoots in three directions and is useful against swarming enemies, but doesn't last as long as Jackpot Shot. Both Jackpot Shot and Jackpot Triad hit multiple times, but cannot stagger or Stun foes, though the former's critical hit upgrade can interrupt them.

Blind Stud is great against chasing and sluggish enemies. Waiting for foes to walk on the trap and then triggering it will release a spinning spray of cards from the trap, dealing multiple hits but with lower power. It's more useful against smaller enemies as it staggers and can Stun them. Certain enemies, such as flan, are staggered so quickly by the spray of cards that they seem to almost immobilized by it.

Wild Card is slow and doesn't hone in on targets, but is inexpensive and strong if it strikes something, and Ace can teleport to it freely.

Ability Effect Obtained AP
(Speed Up (Name in Japanese: スピードアップ))
Increase movement speed. Level 11 2
(Twin Magic (Name in Japanese: ツインマジック))
Equip two spells at once. Level 16 6
Quick Draw II
(Cancel -ra Magic (Name in Japanese: ラ系キャンセル魔法))
Cast level II finishing magic. Learn Quick Draw. 15
Quick Draw III
(Cancel -ga Magic (Name in Japanese: ガ系キャンセル魔法))
Cast level III finishing magic. Level 39
Learn Quickdraw II.
Triple Slip
(Triple Evasion (Name in Japanese: 三連回避))
Execute up to three dodges in succession. Level 12 2
(Infinite Evasion (Name in Japanese: 無限回避))
Execute any number of dodges in succession. Learn Triple Slip. 3
(Evasion Guard (Name in Japanese: 回避ガード))
Window for dodging increases. Level 19 5
(Libra (Name in Japanese: ライブラ))
Check status of locked-on targets. Default Default
Quick Reflexes
(Cancel Evade (Name in Japanese: キャンセル回避))
Dodge even during other actions. Default Default
Melee Attack Perform a melee attack with Left Analog Stick Up + normal attack. Learn Finishing Blow. 3
Melee Attack II
(Melee Attack Lv. 2 (Name in Japanese: 近接攻撃Lv.2))
Perform a finishing move after melee attacks. Learn Melee Attack. 4
Quick Draw
(Cancel Magic Type-1 (Name in Japanese: キャンセル魔法壱型))
Cast a finishing spell after melee attacks. Learn Melee Attack II. 8
(Charge Attack (Name in Japanese: チャージ攻撃))
Perform a charged attack with Left Analog Stick Down + normal attack. Default Default
Focus II
(Charge Attack Lv. 2 (Name in Japanese: チャージ攻撃Lv.2))
Increase number of hits for charged strikes. Learn Melee Attack II. 4
Finishing Blow
(Enhanced Normal Attack (Name in Japanese: 通常攻撃強化))
Perform a finishing move after normal attacks. Default 3
Quick Draw
(Cancel Magic Type-2 (Name in Japanese: キャンセル魔法弐型))
Cast finishing magic after a normal attack. Learn Quick Draw. 12
Cut Cards
(Deck Open (Name in Japanese: デッキオープン))
Draw cards from a deck of various effects. Default Default
Attack Hand
(Attack Deck (Name in Japanese: アタックデッキ))
Draw cards from a deck stacked with attack effects. Default 8
Support Hand
(Support Deck (Name in Japanese: サポートデッキ))
Draw cards from a deck stacked with support effects. Default 6
Life Hand
(Life Deck (Name in Japanese: ライフデッキ))
Draw cards from a deck stacked with HP recovery effects. Default 4
Spirit Hand
(Spirit Deck (Name in Japanese: スピリットデッキ))
Draw cards from a deck stacked with MP recovery effects. Default 6
Blind Stud
(Trap Card (Name in Japanese: トラップカード))
Lay a card on the ground and activate to damage enemies. Level 10 8
Blind Stud: Time Up
(TC Time Extension (Name in Japanese: TC時間延長))
Blind Stud remains active for a longer time. Learn Blind Stud. 6
Blind Stud: AG Down
(TC Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: TC消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Blind Stud. Learn Blind Stud. 10
Jackpot Shot
(Cannon Laser (Name in Japanese: キャノンレーザー))
Fire a laser beam forward. Level 13 8
Jackpot Shot: Crit Up
(CL Enhancement (Name in Japanese: CL強化))
Increase critical hit rate of Jackpot Shot. Learn Jackpot Shot. 5
Jackpot Shot: Time Up
(CL Time Extension (Name in Japanese: CL時間延長))
Jackpot Shot remains active for a longer time. Learn Jackpot Shot: Crit Up. 6
Jackpot Shot: AG Down
(CL Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: CL消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Jackpot Shot. Learn Jackpot Shot: Time Up. 8
Jackpot Triad
(Tri-Laser (Name in Japanese: トライレーザー))
Fire lasers in three directions. Learn Jackpot Shot: AG Down. 12
Jackpot Triad: AG Down
(TL Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: TL消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Jackpot Triad. Learn Jackpot Triad. 14
Wild Card
(Teleport Card (Name in Japanese: テレポカード))
Teleport to location of enemy hit by card and attack. Level 14 6
Wild Card: Power Up
(Teleport Power Increase (Name in Japanese: テレポ威力増大))
Increase power of Wild Card. Learn Wild Card. 8
Wild Card: Crit Up
(Teleport Enhancement (Name in Japanese: テレポ強化))
Increase critical hit rate of Wild Card. Learn Wild Card. 8
Wild Card: AG Down
(Teleport Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: テレポ消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Wild Card. Learn Wild Card. 8


Ace's exclusive accessory is the Oracle's Codex that increases all magic stats by 30 and grants Auto Endure status.

Support PersonnelEdit

Some Support Personnel characters in the HD version appear as Ace: Yuki Kaji (Ace's Japanese VA), Ryoto Shinzato (Rendering Environment Artist), Tatsuo Heianzan (Lead Character Modeling Artist), and Nobuyuki Ueda (Project Manager).


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