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A key member in Class Zero who is thoughtful, high-achieving, and capable. In the maelstrom of war, he fights alongside his classmates wielding a deck of magic cards as his weapon. Contrary to his cool demeanor, he is rather hot-blooded and can let his recklessness get the best of him at times. Ace has a passion for chocobos and song.


Ace is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during the Lost Chapter The Power of Acceptance.



Ace wears the uniform of Class Zero that consists of a black jacket, white pants, a medium-sized red cape and a brown pack.

Ace's alternate costume, Akademeia Summer Uniform, makes him wear the summer uniform of Class Zero.


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Lost Chapter: The Power of Acceptance[]

Ace is found by Rem defending an injured chocobo against an Red Giant. While surprised of his fellow classmates' presence, Ace falls back to treat the chocobo.

Sadly, the chocobo was beyond healing. The chocobo passes its' final message to Bartz before it dies from its' injuries. Throughout the journey with the otherworldly warriors, Ace feels guilty for being unable to save the chocobo, apologizing to a group of chocobos he encounters. Eventually, Ace expresses how weird it felt, remembering the passed on chocobo.

Act 2, Ch. 7: Respite's Authenticity[]

Ace accompanies Noctis, Prompto, Garnet and Lyse as they greet Ignis, who has just been summoned to the world of respite by Materia. Ignis introduces himself to Ace and the others as the Crown Prince's "tactician", seeing it as the simplest and most diplomatic way to describe himself to warriors of other worlds. Ignis tells Noctis that he is glad he has not changed, but then falls silent. Ace notices and asks Ignis what is on his mind, but Ignis deflects, merely saying that is happy that that Noctis is happy in the world of respite.

Act 2, Ch. 9: The Light of the Living[]

Ace is called upon by the Cloud of Darkness early on, who sways him by mentioning Arecia and provides him his memories. Deeply affectly by his recovered memories, Ace believes that the world of respite will be Class Zero's home and uses his will to recreate the area of Akademia and manikins of the other cadets which are currently in the party (up to Jack) to recreate his old life. He notices that the Dark Manikin of Machina he created of his will did not bear memories, having him realize Machina has all his memories, but kept quiet about it the entire time.

Unfortunately, the rest of Class Zero along with their allies soon enter Akademia's area and recover their memories. Ace sees that despite them knowing about their future, they still continue on and refuse to stay in his created world. It eventually leads to a clash between him and the party.

Eventually, Ace is convinced by Machina and the others' words and chooses to return back to their side, along with the chocobo, whom Machina named Chichiri, he had grown close with.

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Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Playing Cards (0).png Cards (0)
(5★) / 15CP
DFFOO Akademeia Deck (0).png Akademeia Deck (0)
(5★) / 35CP
Based on its version from Dissidia NT.
Ace's signature weapon in the Dissidia games.
Based on its version from Dissidia NT.
DFFOO Reaper's Tarot (0).png Reaper's Tarot (0)
(5★) / EX (70CP)
DFFOO Reaper's Tarot (0)+.png Reaper's Tarot (0)+
(6★) / EX+ (100CP)
Based on its version from Dissidia NT.
DFFOO Magician's Deck (0).png Magician's Deck (0)
(5★) /LD (90CP)
DFFOO Crazy Eights (0).png Crazy Eights (0)
BT (130CP)
Based on its version from Dissidia NT. Based on its version from Dissidia NT.
DFFOO Crazy Eights (0)+.png Crazy Eights (0)+
BT+ (150CP)
Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Suzaku's Hood (0).png Suzaku Hood (0)
(4★) / 20CP
DFFOO Stalwart Ring (0).png Stalwart Ring (0)
(5★) / 35CP
Original armor.
Based on the "Combat Overcoat" costume from Dissidia NT.
Original design.
DFFOO Diamond Ring (0).png Diamond Ring (0)
(5★) / 90CP
DFFOO Diamond Ring (0)+.png Diamond Ring (0)+
(6★) / 130CP
Original design.
DFFOO Class 0's Cape (0).png Class 0's Cape (0)
(7★) / 210CP
DFFOO Class 0's Cape (0)+.png Class 0's Cape (0)+
(7★) / 230CP
Original armor.
Based on the "Akademeia Winter Uniform" costume from NT.


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  • Ace's gameplay mechanic is derived from his Cut Cards ability in Final Fantasy Type-0, where he can draw up to three cards to change his current ability. However, the cards that appear above his head are always red, thus Burst is the only ability he gains access to via that mechanic.
    • His EX ability's buff mechanic has randomized unique-framed-buffs in reference to the Cut Cards mechanic.
  • The death of a chocobo in Ace's event alludes to the opening of Final Fantasy Type-0. In both cases, Ace expresses his guilt at being unable to save them.


  • In Ace's alternate costume artwork, he is one of the few characters wielding a different weapon from his signature one (wielding his Akademeia Deck as opposed to his standard cards).