Accomplishments are a feature in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. They are small feats that require various actions throughout the game to complete. The requirements consist of many things, ranging from completing certain parts of the storyline to achieving a certain amount of experience or bravery points.

The rewards for fulfilling each accomplishments start small, but grow as the tasks become more difficult. The prizes are mostly accessories, but the most difficult to obtain rewards are icons to use in the friend card settings.


# Name Conditions Reward
001 012 - Prologue Clear 012 Prologue - Path to Sanctuary. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-LV-IconLevel 1-9
002 012 - Chapter 1 Clear 012 Chapter 1 - A New Threat. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-STG-IconNear Opponent
003 012 - Chapter 2 Clear 012 Chapter 2 - Stern Eyes. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-HP-IconNear Death
004 012 - Chapter 3 Clear 012 Chapter 3 - Clues. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-STG-IconFar from Opponent
005 012 - Chapter 4 Clear 012 Chapter 4 - Where Memories Wait. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-LV-IconLevel 10-19
006 012 - Chapter 5 Clear 012 Chapter 5 - Decision. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-ATK-IconAttacking Bravery
007 012 - Chapter 6 Clear 012 Chapter 6 - Indiscernible Truth. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-ATK-IconAttacking HP
008 012 - Chapter 7 Clear 012 Chapter 7 - Ally. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-TIME-IconAfter 30 Seconds
009 012 - Epilogue Clear 012 Epilogue - An Undocumented Battle. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-LV-IconLevel 20-29
010 KP Baron Earn a total of 500 KP. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-BRV-IconBRV ≥ Base Value
011 KP Millionaire Earn at least 40 KP in a single gateway. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-BRV-IconBRV ≤ Base Value
012 Chain Czar Use at least 100 chains. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-ATK-IconBlocking
013 Chain Striker Achieve a chain count of 6. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-ATK-IconEvading
014 Treasure Hunter Open at least 200 treasure chests. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-ATK-IconQuickmove
015 High Stakes Achieve a level difference of 10 with the bonus line. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-ATK-IconChasing
016 Excavator Clear dungeons at least 100 times. Player Icon 344
017 013 - Prologue Clear 013 Prologue. DFF-Special-Icon Lucky Charm
018 013 - Epilogue Challenger Clear 013 Chapters 1-10 DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-HP-IconHP ≥ 10000
019 013 - Epilogue Clear 013 Epilogue DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconHP ≥ 10000
020 Legionnaire Clear Land of the Stolen Crown DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconBreak
021 Time Keeper Clear Chasm of the Rotting Land Player Icon 053
022 Mark of a Lady Clear Ancient Curses and Hopes of Yore DFF-Special-Icon Final Position
023 Ravager Clear Southern Lufenia Gateway DFF-Special-Icon Final Decision
024 Gaia Shard Clear The Forsaken Lands DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-HP-IconHP = 1
025 Lufenian Chime Clear Dreams of a Flying Castle DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconEX Revenge
026 The Dragon King Clear The Dragon King's Gateway DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-AS-IconAssists Locked
027 Miracle Worker Clear Edge of Discord Player Icon 343
028 Bookworm Obtain at least 10 reports. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-ATK-IconTaking Damage
029 Arcade Rat Clear Arcade Mode at least 5 times DFF-Special-Icon Winged Boots
030 Time Attacker Clear an Arcade Mode Time Attack within 900 seconds. Player Icon 348
031 I Love a Brawl Participate in at least 500 battles. DFF-Special-Icon Strength to Courage
032 The Road to Conquest Win at least 500 battles Player Icon 345
033 World Champs Win at least 50 party battles. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-BRV-IconVictory Chance
034 Battle 'Em All Fight as every character (In the game, this is incorrectly listed as 'Fight against every character.) Player Icon 347
035 World Warrior Fight on every stage. Player Icon 174
036 Hard Habit to Break Play for at least 30 hours. DFF-Special-Icon Desert Boots
037 Time for Some Action Battle for at least 20 hours. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-LV-IconLevel 30-39
038 Two Piece and a Biscuit Deal out at least 1,000,000 points of damage. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-LV-IconLevel 40-49
039 The Most Valiant of All Gain at least 2,000,000 points of bravery. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-LV-IconLevel 50-59
040 Test One's Mettle Deliver at least 10,000 bravery attacks. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-LV-IconLevel 60-69
041 Hit Where It Hurts Deliver at least 10000 HP attacks. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-LV-IconLevel 70-79
042 Impenetrable Defense Successfully block at least 1000 blows DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-LV-IconLevel 80-89
043 Artful Dodger Successfully dodge at least 2000 times DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-LV-IconLevel 90-99
044 Core Blimey Collect at least 200 EX Cores. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconEX Mode
045 Modus EX-perandi Enter EX Mode at least 100 times. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-EX-IconEX Core Present
046 Out for Revenge Use EX Revenge at least 100 times. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconAssist
047 Rejuvenation Regenerate at least 100000 HP. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconBRV ≥ Base Value
048 Go Out With a Bang Finish a match with an EX Burst at least 30 times. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconBRV ≤ Base Value
049 Road Trip Travel at least 150 kilometers. DFF-Special-Icon Vengeful Soul
050 Tag-Team Deliver at least 500 assist attacks. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconEX Gauge Full
051 Suckerpunch Deal at least 100000 points of damage with assist attacks Player Icon 350
052 Bravery Bandits Gain at least 100000 from bravery assist attacks Player Icon 351
053 Shilly-shally Change Assists at least 100 times. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-BRV-IconBRV is a Prime Number
054 On The Level Have all characters reach level 50. Player Icon 125
055 Greenhorn Reach the goal to the Greenhorn Labyrinth route. Player Icon 129
056 Intermediary Reach the goal to the Intermediary Labyrinth route. Player Icon 130
057 Virtuoso Reach the goal to the Virtuoso Labyrinth route. Player Icon 131
058 Item Collector Obtain at least 50 types of items from the Labyrinth Player Icon 132
059 Goal Getter Reach the Labyrinth goal at least 15 times Player Icon 354
060 Marathon Explore at least 70% of the Labyrinth. Player Icon 355
061 One for the Record Books Achieve 20 consecutive wins in the Labyrinth. Player Icon 356
062 Pugilist Pointillist Earn 5000 Points in the Labyrinth Player Icon 349
063 Hope They're All Gold Win at least 1000 medals in the Labyrinth Player Icon 357
064 Referee Create a Group Battle Room. Player Icon 310
065 Taskmaster Create an original quest. Player Icon 374
066 Magistrate Create an original rule. Player Icon 237
067 A Fistful of Gil Receive at least 1,000,000 gil. Player Icon 371
068 It's Got AP-peal Receive at least 30,000 AP. Player Icon 049
069 Bonus Round Have a successful AP bonus at least 100 times. DFF-Special-Icon Force to Courage
070 PP Baron Earn at least 5000 PP. Player Icon 227
071 Master of Disguise Obtain alternate look of all characters. Player Icon 101
072 Jack of All Trades Master more than 150 abilities. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconAfter Summon
073 Loaded for Bear Obtain at least 100 items outside of the shop. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconSummon Unused
074 Fashion Conscious Obtain at least 200 accessories outside of the shop. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconAssists Locked
075 A Little Help from My Friends Obtain at least 30 summons. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-HP-IconLarge Gap in HP
076 Mass Production Battlegen at least 300 times. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-HP-IconHP is a Prime Number
077 Battlegenesis Does Battlegen an item from each character. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-BRV-IconLarge Gap in BRV
078 Productive Battling In one battle create 4 accessories. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-ATK-IconStaggering
079 Boosteriffic! Booster accessory multiplier at least 20 DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-HP-IconStrong Against Adversity
080 Bull in a China Shop Break at least 20 Accessories. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconAssist Gauge Full
081 Tis Better to Receive Obtain at least 30 dropped items. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-OPP-IconEmpty Assist Gauge
082 The Blessings of Mercantilism Trade at least 100 times. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-TIME-IconEasy Come, Easy Go
083 Cutting Losses Spend at least 100000 gil on trade goods after material cost. Player Icon 224
084 Special Delivery Receive at least 20 letters from moogles. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-ETC-IconSummon Unused
085 The Daily Grind Play for at least 5 days straight. DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-ETC-IconAfter Summon
086 A Long Road From starting the game, have at least 30 days pass Player Icon 369
087 Restocker's Paradise Shop stock percentage at least 70% Player Icon 372
088 Hey, Big Spender Spend at least 1000000 gil at the shop DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-HP-IconNear Loss
089 Catalog Shopper Spend at least 3000 PP in the PP Catalog DFF-Booster-Icon DFF-BRV-IconBreak
090 Collect Them All! PP Catalog at least 80% Player Icon 231
091 Traveling Minstrel Hint: No matter how long it takes to meet you. (Enter the "Communications" section of Communications Mode 100 times) Player Icon 083
092 Best Customer Kupo Hint: A secret shop. (Meet Kupo in Main Scenario 000) Player Icon 190
093 Junkyard Diver Hint: Ring ring. (Complete Battlegen 100%) Player Icon 182
094 Queller Hint: The monster's gravestone. (Defeat Feral Chaos 10 times) Player Icon 183
095 Limit Breaker Hint: Strength (Battle with Opponent at level 110+) Player Icon 138
096 Praemonitus Hint: Forgotten treasure (Have at least 500 items in your tent and/or cottage in the labyrinth all at the same time) Player Icon 134
097 Magnus Hint: An insurmountable triumph alone (Have any 30 characters reach SSS Rank) Player Icon 103
098 Odyssey Hint: Something was happening. (Achieve and watch all events) Player Icon 367
099 Gambler Hint: Risky kupo (Cleared a gateway with 500KP+) Player Icon 358
100 Historian Hint: Lufenian Lute (Complete all report events) Player Icon 180
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