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Accomplishments are a feature in Dissidia Final Fantasy. They are small feats that require various actions to complete. The requirements rane from completing certain parts of the storyline to achieving a certain amount of experience or bravery points.

The rewards start small, but grow as the tasks become more difficult. The prizes are mostly accessories, but the most difficult to obtain rewards are icons to use in the friend card settings.


# Name Conditions Reward
001 The End of the Beginning Clear the Prologue. (LV) Level ≤ 3
002 Odyssey: Final Fantasy I Clear Destiny Odyssey with Warrior of Light. (HP) HP = 100%
003 Odyssey: Final Fantasy II Clear Destiny Odyssey with Firion. (HP) Near Death
004 Odyssey: Final Fantasy III Clear Destiny Odyssey with Onion Knight. (BRV) Victory Chance
005 Odyssey: Final Fantasy IV Clear Destiny Odyssey with Cecil. (HP) Near Loss
006 Odyssey: Final Fantasy V Clear Destiny Odyssey with Bartz. (Stage) Near Opponent
007 Odyssey: Final Fantasy VI Clear Destiny Odyssey with Terra. (Stage) Far from Opponent
008 Odyssey: Final Fantasy VII Clear Destiny Odyssey with Cloud. (BRV) Break
009 Odyssey: Final Fantasy VIII Clear Destiny Odyssey with Squall. (BRV) Near Break
010 Odyssey: Final Fantasy IX Clear Destiny Odyssey with Zidane. (Stage) On the Ground
011 Odyssey: Final Fantasy X Clear Destiny Odyssey with Tidus. (Stage) In Midair
012 At Odyssey's End Clear Destiny Odyssey with all characters. (ATK) In Motion
013 The Odyssey Clear Destiny Odyssey at least 30 times. (HP) When you have 1 HP
014 I Love a Brawl Participate in 300 battles. (ATK) Attacking Bravery
015 I Love a Brawl Participate in 1000 battles. (LV) Level 70-79
016 Battle 'Em All Fight using every character. (LV) Level = Multiple of 3
017 World Warrior Fight on every stage. (EX) Empty EX Gauge
018 The Road to Conquest Win 300 battles. (ATK) Attacking HP
019 The Road to Conquest Win 500 battles. (LV) 90-99
020 Hard Habit to Break Play for 15 hours. (SMN) After Summon
021 Time for Some Action Battle for 10 hours. (SMN) Summon Unused
022 Two Piece and a Biscuit Deal 100000 points of HP damage. (EX) EX Gauge ≥ 70%
023 Two Piece and a Biscuit Deal 1500000 points of HP damage. (OPN)EX Gauge ≥ 70%
024 The Most Valiant of All Gain 50,000 points of bravery. (HP) HP ≥ 80%
025 The Most Valiant of All Gain at least 2,000,000 points of bravery. (HP) When opponent has 1 HP
026 Test One's Mettle Deliver 1,500 bravery attacks. (HP) HP ≥ 70%
027 Test One's Mettle Deliver 30,000 bravery attacks (OPN) HP ≤ 30%
028 Hit Where It Hurts Deliver 300 HP attacks. (OPN) Break
029 Hit Where It Hurts Deliver 10,000 HP attacks (OPN) Near Break
030 Road Trip Travel 100 kilometers. (TIME) After 30 Seconds
031 Road Trip Travel 150 kilometers. (OPN) No BRV damage
032 Impenetrable Defense Successfully block 1,000 blows (BRV) BRV ≥ Base Value
033 Impenetrable Defense Successfully block 5,000 blows (OPN) BRV ≥ Base Value
034 Artful Dodger Successfully dodge 1,000 times (BRV) BRV ≤ Base Value
035 Artful Dodger Successfully dodge 5,000 times (OPN) BRV ≤ Base Value
036 Core Blimey Collect 50 EX cores. (HP) HP ≤ 40%
037 Core Blimey Collect 300 EX cores. (ATK) Standing Still
038 Modus EX-perandi Enter EX Mode 100 times. (OPN) Attacking Bravery
039 Rejuvenation Regenerate 10,000 HP. (EX) EX Mode
040 Rejuvenation Regenerate 1,000,000 HP. (OPN) EX Mode
041 Go Out With a Bang Finish a match with an EX Burst 30 times. (EX) Full EX Gauge
042 Earth-Unfriendly Damage the stage 1000 times. (ATK) Taking Damage
043 Earth-Unfriendly Damage the stage 20,000 times. (OPN) Taking Damage
044 Impulse: Final Fantasy I Clear Shade Impulse with Warrior of Light. (HP) Large Gap in HP
045 Impulse: Final Fantasy II Clear Shade Impulse with Firion. (HP) Small Gap in HP
046 Impulse: Final Fantasy III Clear Shade Impulse with Onion Knight. (BRV) Large Gap in BRV
047 Impulse: Final Fantasy IV Clear Shade Impulse with Cecil. (BRV) Small Gap in BRV
048 Impulse: Final Fantasy V Clear Shade Impulse with Bartz. (LV) Large Gap in Level
049 Impulse: Final Fantasy VI Clear Shade Impulse with Terra. (LV) Small Gap in Level
050 Impulse: Final Fantasy VII Clear Shade Impulse with Cloud. (ATK) Pre-Bravery Attack
051 Impulse: Final Fantasy VIII Clear Shade Impulse with Squall. (ATK) Pre-Bravery Damage
052 Impulse: Final Fantasy IX Clear Shade Impulse with Zidane. (ATK) Pre-HP Attack
053 Impulse: Final Fantasy X Clear Shade Impulse with Tidus. (ATK) Pre-HP Damage
054 Shade Impulse Completed Clear Shade Impulse with all characters. (OPN) In Motion
055 Acting Impulsively Clear Shade Impulse 10 times. (OPN) EX Gauge Full
056 Treasure Hunter Open at least 200 treasure chests. (ATK) During Quickmove
057 Unswerving Path Finish levels with a combined 100 DP remaining. (ATK) Chasing
058 One for the Record Books Colosseum, Lunar Whale Course: Achieve 10 consecutive wins. (OPN) EX Gauge < or = 30%
059 Pugilist Pointillist Colosseum, Lunar Whale course: Earn 100,000 points. (OPN) Chasing
060 Veteran Duelist Colosseum, Lunar Whale course: fight 100 battles. (LV) Level is a Prime Number
061 Time Attacker Clear an Arcade Mode Time Attack within 1200 seconds. (Stage) On Ground, Foe in Midair
062 Hope They're All Gold Win 100 Duel Colosseum medals. (LV) Level = Multiple of 4
063 Accolades of the Gladiator Gain 20 awards in one Duel Colosseum playthrough. (LV) Level = Multiple of 5
064 The Strongest Link Have one character who's at least level 20. (HP) HP is 50-70%
065 The Strongest Link Have one character who's at least level 50. (LV) Level 50-59
066 The Strongest Link Have one character at level 100. (LV) Level 100
067 On the Level Have all characters reach level 50. (LV) Level 60-69
068 A Fistful of Gil Receive 200,000 gil. (HP) HP is a Multiple of 2
069 A Fistful of Gil Receive 5,000,000 gil. (OPN) HP = 100%
070 It's Got AP-peal Receive 30,000 AP. (HP) When your HP is a multiple of 3
071 It's Got AP-Peal Receive 100,000 AP (OPN) Near Death
072 Bonus Round Have a successful AP bonus 100 times. (HP) HP is a Multiple of 4
073 PP Baron Earn 5000 PP (HP) is a Multiple of 5
074 PP Baron Earn 10000 PP (OPN) Near Loss
075 Cast of Thousands Have a sum of 22 characters appear. (HP) HP is a Prime Number
076 In Vogue Obtain alternate look of all characters. (OPN) Attacking HP
077 Jacks of All Trades Master more than 150 abilities. (BRV) When your bravery is a multiple of 2
078 Loaded for Bear Obtain at least 100 items. (BRV) When your bravery is a multiple of 3.
079 Fashion Conscious Obtain 100 accessories. (BRV) BRV is a Multiple of 4
080 A Little Help from My Friends Obtain at least 30 summons. (EX) When your EX Gauge is at least 30% full
081 Mass Production Battlegen 300 times. (BRV) BRV is a Multiple of 5
082 Mass Production Battlegen 1,000 times (Lv) When your level is 80-89
083 Battlegenesis Does Battlegen an item from each character. (Lv) When your level is 40-49
084 Productive Battling In one battle, create 5 accessories. (BRV) BRV is a Prime Number
085 Boosteriffic! Obtain an accessory multiplier of 8 (Lv) Level is a multiple of 2
086 Bull in a China Shop Break 10 accessories. (BRV) BRV = 0
087 'Tis Better to Receive Obtain 20 dropped items. (ATK) Evading
088 The Blessings of Mercantilism At the shop, trade 100 times (ATK) Blocking
089 Arbitrageur Have a trade accessory surplus of 100,000 gil (OPN) Pre-Bravery Damage
090 Special Delivery Receive 10 letters from Moogles. (STG) Above Opponent
091 Special Delivery Receive 100 letters from Moogles (OPN) Pre-HP Damage
092 The Daily Grind Play 5 days straight. (BRV) No BRV Damage
093 A Long Road From starting the game, have 7 days pass. (STG) Below Opponent
094 A Long Road From starting the game, have 30 days pass (OPN) Victory Chance
095 A Good Plan Clear the Casual Gamer play plan. (LV) Level 10-19
096 A Good Plan Clear the Average Gamer play plan. (LV) Level 20-29
097 A Good Plan Clear the Hardcore Gamer play plan. (LV) Level 30-39
098 Clover-Covered Rabbit's Foot Achieve a play plan "Lucky" value of 50% (EX) EX Core Present
099 Restocker's Paradise Shop Stock percentage 50% (OPN) On the Ground
100 Hey, Big Spender Spend at 100,000 gil at the shop. (OPN) After Summon
101 Collect Them All! PP catalog at least 50% complete. (OPN) In Midair
102 Catalog Shopper Spend at least 3000 PP in the PP catalog. (OPN) Summon Unused
103 Reprisal on the Hero Defeat Warrior of Light 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 024
104 The Thwarted Liegeman Defeat Firion 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 052
105 The Foiled Youth Defeat Onion Knight 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 080
106 The Vanquished Knight Defeat Cecil 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 116
107 The Wanderer's End Defeat Bartz 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 156
108 The Girl's Last Laugh Defeat Terra 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 203
109 What Slayed the Soldier Defeat Cloud 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 218
110 The Lion's Snare Defeat Squall 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 228
111 What Defeated the Thief Defeat Zidane 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 161
112 What Banished the Dreamer Defeat Tidus 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 246
113 Reprisal on the Stalwart Defeat Garland 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 275
114 The Thwarted Despot Defeat the Emperor 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 276
115 The Foiled Wraith Defeat the Cloud of Darkness 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 277
116 The Vanquished Warlock Defeat Golbez 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 278
117 What Felled the Mighty Tree Defeat Exdeath 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 279
118 The Harlequin's Last Laugh Defeat Kefka 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 280
119 What Slayed the Champion Defeat Sephiroth 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 281
120 The Witch's Snare Defeat Ultimecia 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 282
121 What Defeated The Reaper Defeat Kuja 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 283
122 What Banished the Phantom Defeat Jecht 30 times. (ETC) Player Icon 284
123 What Bested the Lady Defeat Shantotto 30 times (ETC) Player Icon 287
124 What Bested the Warrior Defeat Gabranth 30 times (ETC) Player Icon 288
125 The Day the World Ended Complete Inward Chaos (ETC) Player Icon 285
126 The Crimson Soul Battlegen the Red Gem. (ETC) Player Icon 025
127 The Saffron Soul Battlegen the Orange Gem (ETC) Player Icon 229
128 The Canary Soul Battlegen the Yellow Gem (ETC) Player Icon 120
129 The Viridian Soul Battlegen the Green Gem. (ETC) Player Icon 205
130 The Cerulean Soul Battlegen the Blue Gem. (ETC) Player Icon 160
131 The Azure Soul Battlegen the Cyan Gem. (ETC) Player Icon 206
132 The Tyrian Soul Battlegen the Purple Gem (ETC) Player Icon 207
133 The Ivory Soul Battlegen the White Gem (ETC) Player Icon 230
134 Carnage Win at least 3,000 battles (ETC) Player Icon 095
135 Vengeance of the Fallen Lose at least 500 battles (ETC) Player Icon 078
136 The Directionless Truthseeker Earn at least 1,000,000 EXP with level 100 characters (ETC) Player Icon 177
137 The Broken Leader Deal at least 25,000,000 points of damage (ETC) Player Icon 073
138 Clash of the Valiant Claim at least 30,000,000 points of bravery (ETC) Player Icon 074
139 The Neverending March Travel for at least 800 kilometers (ETC) Player Icon 121
140 Core Grabber Collect at least 1,000 EX cores (ETC) Player Icon 157
141 Olympic Medalist Collect at least 5,000 Duel Colosseum medals (ETC) Player Icon 208
142 A Single Answer Level 100 with all characters (ETC) Player Icon 159
143 He Who Covets Jewels Break at least 100 accessories (ETC) Player Icon 286
144 Now I Am the Master Master at least 1,000 abilities (ETC) Player Icon 155
145 The Ravenous Collector Acquire all armaments (ETC) Player Icon 094
146 My Road to El Dorado Acquire all accessories (ETC) Player Icon 023
147 Tamer of the Gods Obtain every summon. (ETC) Player Icon 164
148 Something From Nothing Have a trade accessory surplus of at least 1,000,000 gil (ETC) Player Icon 079
149 I Love Dissidia Play for at least 15 days straight (ETC) Player Icon 158
150 Wings of Icarus Achieve a play plan "Lucky" value of 100% (ETC) Player Icon 162
151 Favored Customer Shop stock percentage of 100% (ETC) Player Icon 204