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Accessory (アクセサリ, Akusesari?) is a classification of equipment in the Final Fantasy series that first appeared in Final Fantasy V. They were conceived and designed by Hiroyuki Ito, who made them supplementary items separate from normal Armor. They can provide a wide range of effects, from stat boosts, to providing the user with status buffs, or some other beneficial effect. Some more common Accessories are the Gold Hairpin, Reflect Ring, and the Ribbon.

Accessories have been classified by a variety of sub-categories, including the following:

In most games, each character can only equip one accessory at a time, excluding Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy X-2 where the player can equip two, and Final Fantasy XIII, where multiple extra slots can be unlocked. In these cases, it does not matter what type the accessory is as the player can potentially equip two Ribbons if they so choose. However, equipping two of the same accessory usually yields no additional bonus, with the exception of a few accessories such as Earrings and, in Final Fantasy XIII, synthesized abilities. In the later single-player games in the main series, accessories have replaced armor equips altogether.