A giant beast that Don Corneo keeps in the sewers. Much more intelligent than it appears, it uses the surrounding environment to its advantage and attacks with sewer water.

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Abzu is a boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake, a water-based sewer monster that is one of Don Corneo’s pets. He is fought in the sewers underneath Don Corneo's mansion in Chapter 10, during "Escape to the Surface", and again in Chapter 14 during "Fateful Decisions", where he is joined by numerous Abzu Shoats.

Escape to the Surface[edit | edit source]

Fira on Abzu.

Abzu is fought with Cloud, Tifa and Aerith. It is weak to fire and its horns are separate targets from the main body. Its attacks can inflict Poison Poison. It will use mostly melee attacks, and occasionally jumps to latch onto the sides and pounces at a character, binding them; at this point, the player should switch to another character to apply attacks on Abzu.

When it clings to the wall, casting Fira on one of its horns can pressure it and cause it to fall. Dodging its Pounce makes it stumble. Focusing on its horns with spells can also cripple and pressure it.

After Abzu loses half its HP, it will become enraged and use more the more deadly Triple Strike attack, which can be devastating even when guarded against. Its Blackwater Blast floods the room from one side to damage the party in the affected area.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Casting Fira Fira can exploit Abzu's weakness and pressure it, as does crippling its left and right horns. As the boss's stagger gauge does not increase much from spells, Aerith is best focused on healing, while Cloud and Tifa attack with abilities and Tifa's martial techniques with Unbridled Strength. The player should aim to stagger it by dodging its pounce to get an opening with Cloud and Tifa, and by using magic on its horns. Once it is staggered, Tifa's Unbridled Strength techniques can be used to boost the damage it receives.

After Abzu becomes enraged, the player should keep vigilant and avoid its attacks and guard at all times, taking advantage of moments when it is stationary to cast spells and use ATB abilities. It is best to keep away from Abzu when it charges its attacks, waiting until after it has finished an attack to move in.

Fateful Decisions[edit | edit source]

Blackwater Blast.

Abzu is fought a second time with Cloud, Tifa and Barret. This time with Abzu has its shoats backing it up. It uses similar melee attacks, which can be avoided. Crippling its horn can pressure it. The shoats can be defeated to help focus on Abzu itself. It can leap to the side and summon water, which should be dodged by hiding behind crates.

After losing half its HP, Abzu will summon more shoats. It is later capable of using Pounce, which can stun a character if not dodged, and Triple Charge, which should be guarded against to avoid damage.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The party should use fire spells and character abilities. If a character has the Time Materia Time Materia, casting Haste Haste on strong damage dealers, such as those with powerful character abilities, is useful. Pairing time with magnify lets the player use Haste on all characters at once. The shoats can be defeated with area-of-effect abilities, such as Cloud's Blade Burst, Tifa's Divekick, or Barret's Smackdown. Barret can focus on Abzu's tail to pressure it, and then lay into it with powerful attacks.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Abzu, also known as apsû, was the name for the primeval sea below the void space of the underworld (Kur) and the earth (Ma) above. It may also refer to fresh water from underground aquifers that was given a religious fertilizing quality. Lakes, springs, rivers, wells, and other sources of fresh water were thought to draw their water from the abzu. In the creation epic Enûma Elish, Abzu is depicted as a deity—A primal being made of fresh water and a lover to another primal deity, Tiamat, who was a creature of salt water.

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