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FFRK Abyssal Strike

Abyssal Strike in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Abyssal Strike (アビッサルストライク, Abissaru Sutoraiku?) is a recurring ability in the series. It is an ability used exclusively by Zeid.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

Abyssal Strike is a ranged enemy ability that deals damage to a target with an additional Stun effect. It can be used by Zeid.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Abyssal Strike is a Burst Soul Break usable by Zeid and attached to the Arondight Relic. It deals eight physical dark and non-elemental attacks to one target, has a high chance to inflict Interrupt, infuses the user with the power of Dark, and grants them Haste and Burst Mode.


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