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Abyss Worm is an enemy in Final Fantasy VIII fought in the desert regions. When first encountered, it appears as a creature's head protruding from the ground—complete with its mound—flailing around with small flaps on its sides. After removing a certain amount of its HP, the Abyss Worm will crawl out to show its segmented body. It and its spoils are good for obtaining Tornado spells.



The Abyss Worm uses both physical and magical attacks. It is weak to Water and Wind attacks. Like many other monsters, Abyss Worm has the spells it is weak against as draw spells.


Players can avoid its Sand Shake by casting Float on the party, or by junctioning Quake to Elemental Defense so that the damage replenishes HP. One can try drawing and using Tornado.

Use of Triple in conjunction with the Water spell can deal large amounts of damage at any level. Abyss Worm is a good enemy to draw Tornados from as it is a good spell to raise stats with.

Triple Triad[]


Abyss Worm is a Level 3 Monster Card in Triple Triad used for playing the minigame and for turning into Windmills. It is a good card to farm for early as Windmills turn into Tornado spells.



Abyss refers to a bottomless pit, to the underworld, to the deepest ocean floor, or to hell, or more loosely to any chasm or large drop.