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The Abyss is a gameplay feature in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. Debuting as a beta test project in mid-2019, it became available as an optional set of quests effective Spring 2020.


The Abyss is a series of "hard mode" missions in a dimension separate from the World of Illusions, created by an as-yet-unknown entity. Mog also hints that the forces connecting the Abyss with other parts of the world have warped the party's collective strength in such ways as to create rules as to who can fight and which weapons may be used in battle. These rules can also impact party member and enemy stats over any battle within a defined stratum or sub-stratum.

Each permanent Abyss dimension is divided into no fewer than five strata, with several strata also containing one or more sub-strata. Rule sets are determined per individual stratum. For example, a stratum might require that the player use a Black unit and a Red unit, as well as a unit able to wield Swords. All requirements must be fulfilled before the player will be allowed to start a battle. The battle can also boost or decrement eligible characters and foes at once. Support units cannot be selected for any quest.

Rewards for completing selected Abyss quests include rare crafting materials, tokens for item exchanges, small amounts of Gems, and Draw Tickets. Each can only be collected once, and is instantly obtained separately from the player's gift box. If Event Missions are also active, mission rewards are obtained in their usual manner.

Types of Abyss missions[]

  • Abyss Normalis: The player can assemble any parties that meet designated quest parameters. Boss quests have a guaranteed difficulty of 100 or greater.
  • Abyss Perfectum: The player must assemble parties that meet designated quest parameters. In many cases, the same characters cannot be used in multiple quests within the stratum. Players must score a Perfect Clear in boss battles to advance. Boss battles have a guaranteed difficulty of 180 or greater.
  • Abyss Story Quests: With boost bonuses granted to predetermined units, players can assemble any parties meeting designated requirements to take on the foes assigned to each field. Issued in sets of two tracks each, with standard difficulty progression per track. Perfect Clear status may be required for advanced quests to appear on the Hard track.
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