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An aquatic monster that inhabits the waterfront. This incredibly ferocious creature boasts sharp claws and fangs. Since it prefers living in caves and is usually never seen around human settlements it doesn't pose a threat to them, but it is, however, a real threat to travelers. Though once deified as a holy water beast, such ways of thinking have faded away in time, and now they are known simply as ferocious monsters that pop out from beneath the water to prey on people.

Entry in the Monster Guide

Abtu is a recurring enemy in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, appearing in the main story, the Colosseum and story events. It is adviced to kill them fast due to their ability to Jump, especially in higher levels.


Location Level HP MP Exp Gil Steal Item drop
Dalnakya Cavern 2 182 10 36 3 See Stats below. See Stats below.
Lanzelt Estuary*(Boss battle) 12 2,500 45 120 20 See Stats below. See Stats below.
Kolobos Reef See Level 24 enemy below.
Shipwreck 41 13,000 71 867 127 See Stats below. See Stats below.
Tokkle Coast 42 13,300 73 872 132 See Stats below. See Stats below.
Chamber of Crystals*(BGN) ? ? ? ? ? None Magicite Shard??
Beginner C-4*(Boss battle) 12 2,500 45 - - See Stats below. None
Intermediate B-3 41 23,500 60 - - See Stats below. None
Advanced C-5 57 32,272 69 - - See Stats below. None
"Guardian of the Order" 28 20,000 70 500 110 None Alcryst ????
"Conspiracy to the Throne" 6 1,400 35 160 35 None Alcryst ????



Level 24 enemy


Abtu and Anet are a pair of sacred fish in ancient Egyptian mythology. They swim before the solar barque of Ra to guide him and warn him of any dangers ahead.

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