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Returns magic used by enemy.


Absorb MP is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for Quina. When they are hit by an enemy's spell, they gain the MP the spell cost to cast. Absorb MP takes 6 Magic Stones to equip.


Absorb MP is learned from Promist Ring for 80 AP. Promist Ring is earliest won from the Treno Auction House after the party has the Blue Narciss and no other Promist Rings in the inventory. It is also found for free in the bloodstone in the Desert Palace entrance.


When hit by an enemy's magic spell, Quina gains the MP that the spell cost to cast for themself. If they absorb a group-cast spell, they gain half the MP it cost to cast it, but if the spell is natively multi-target, like Doomsday, they gain the full amount. If the enemy's spell bounces due to Reflect, Quina does not gain MP.


With Absorb MP, Quina gains MP passively by participating in battles against spell-casting enemies. Coupled with Half MP, they can go longer without needing to top up their MP.