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Concept art of Abalathia

Abalathia's Spine (アバラシア山脈, Abarashia Sanmyaku?, lit. Abalathia Mountain Range) (sometimes shortened to just Abalathia) is a great mountain range in Final Fantasy XIV. Spanning the northern end of the continent of Aldenard from east to west, much of it remained inaccessible until the development of airship travel.

It is available to explore in the first expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. For gameplay purposes, this region consists of remote territory east of Coerthas.


Nestled in the mountains of Abalathia sits the Sea of Clouds.

The water and wind-aspected energies of the surrounding area create a perpetual mist reminiscent of clouds, thus making the location true to its name.

These same energies can be attributed to floating islands within its mist-shrouded borders.

The unique climate conditions of these islands have given rise to heretofore unseen animal life. And with the advent of airship technology, Ishgard has slowly expanded into this brave new frontier.

The mountain chain continues into Gyr Abania, with its eastern end being Abalathia's Skull in The Lochs.


Sea of Clouds[]

These floating islands are home to many exotic forms of flora and fauna. The Vanu Vanu beast tribes make their home in this environment, and more recently Ishgard set up an outpost thanks to airship technology.

Azys Lla[]

Sealed away for millenia, these floating islands were once used by Ancient Allag for all manner of research into things that were probably best left forgotten. At the heart of the structure lies a facility called the Flagship, with connects to the surrounding islands with massive metal chains.

Aetheryte Sanctuaries[]


  • Camp Cloudtop (Sea of Clouds)
  • Ok'Zundu (Sea of Clouds)
  • Helix (Azys Lla)



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