Abaddon is a enemy in Final Fantasy X bred in the Monster Arena by catching every fiend inside Sin. Unlocking it will get the party 99 Lunar Curtains. It costs 6,000 gil to fight. It shares its model with the Varuna.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

Abaddon starts out with constant NulAll and Auto-Reflect, making magic useless. It uses Pharaoh's Curse to inflict Darkness (150% chance), Silence (150% chance), Poison (130% chance) and Curse to a single character. Finally, it uses Emblem of the Cosmos, which does heavy damage to all characters.

Its Demi attack reduces current HP of target party by 1/4.

Abaddon drops weapons with Magic +% abilities and armor with Magic Defense +% abilities, the +20% versions of these being fixed.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The best option is using the Celestial Weapons, Hastega and Quick Hit. Abadon tends to use Pharaoh's Curse more than anything, so Darkproof, Poisonproof, and Curseproof armor will be useful.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

FFX Emblem of the Cosmos.png
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Etymology[edit | edit source]

The Hebrew term abaddon appears in the Bible as a place of destruction and an angel, respectively. In the Hebrew Bible, abaddon is used with reference to a bottomless pit, often appearing alongside the place שאול (sheol), meaning the land of the dead.

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