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For the song, see 1000 Words.

A Thousand Words is a time-limited event where Relm from Final Fantasy VI can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Led by Interceptor:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

(The party follows Interceptor)

  • Lilisette: That's Shadow's partner for you! What a trouper!
  • Lilisette: There, there, who's a good boy...whoa!
  • Lilisette: Did I make him mad? ...Maybe he doesn't like me.
  • Shadow: ...He eats strangers.
  • Zell: I guess he's a little rough around the edges, just like his master. Or "rrruff," in his case.
  • Zell: He almost ate me...

(Sabin and Terra arrive)

  • Sabin: Heeey! We got trouble!
  • Lilisette: What's the matter, you two? You look like you've seen a ghost.
  • Sabin: We just saw some things that look like people! That look like us!
  • Zell: Manikins? Well, that's nothing special.
  • Terra: No, they were different from manikins...
  • Zell: Look like you, but not manikins? What could they be?
  • Terra: I don't know...but...
  • Terra: They remind me of something. Maybe...

(Interceptor runs ahead)

  • Zell: Ah! Interceptor! Where ya going!?
  • Lilisette: He took off at top speed... Did he find something?
  • Shadow: It can't be...

(Shadow runs ahead)

  • Zell: Wha—!? There goes his master!
  • Lilisette: Let's go, too!
The Artist Relm:

(Interceptor finds Relm)

  • ???: Good boy, Interceptor. Where's your owner?
  • Sabin: H-hey! It's Relm!

(The party arrives)

  • Shadow: ...Just as I thought.
  • Relm: Shadow! And the muscle-man!
  • Cloud: Is she talking about— ...Why do I even ask?
  • Relm: Great! I finally found somebody I know!
  • Sabin: If you're here, then those guys we saw earlier must be...
  • Sabin: Were you painting pictures of us!
  • Relm: Heh heh, ya got me.
  • Relm: I was all by myself, lost in a strange place. I got lonely.
  • Relm: So I had a little fun painting!
  • Penelo: Um, sorry, but I don't think I follow...
  • Penelo: Does painting have something to do with those doppelgangers?
  • Sabin: When Relm paints a picture, the real thing pops out.
  • Penelo: Her pictures come to life!?
  • Cloud: ...You have to watch out for paintings in your world?
  • Relm: What does he mean, "your world"? Who're they?
  • Shadow: They'll fill you in.
  • Relm: Hmm? If you say so!
  • Relm: Anyway, Interceptor! Let's go play over there!

(Relm and Interceptor run off; Shadow follows)

  • Sabin: If you cross her, she'll threaten to paint your picture. Be careful!
  • Penelo: I-I'll keep that in mind...
  • Krile: Are you tired, Grandpa? I'll give you a shoulder rub!
  • Galuf: Oh, Krile, you're too kind. Just the sentiment is enough for me.
  • Relm: ...Grandpa, huh?
  • Relm: Wonder what my old codger is up to about now.
  • Tifa: "Old codger"...?
  • Krile: Did you live with your grandfather, too, Relm?
  • Relm: Yup. Strago's his name.
  • Setzer: He looks like any aged fellow, but he's a rather skilled mage.
  • Cecil: We had an older gentleman named Tellah among our comrades as well.
  • Cecil: His magic was also so great as to earn him the title "sage." A dependable companion.
  • Relm: Oh, really...?
  • Relm: Galuf, or Tellah, or whoever, everyone has such great grandpas.
  • Relm: Mine on the other hand... He just gave up on his dreams and does nothing but get older...
  • Tifa: You're worried about him, aren't you?
  • Relm: Hmmm... He's pretty awful, but I can't just leave him alone.
  • Galuf: That Strago must be a happy man.
  • Krile: I hope you, and Cecil too, can meet them again soon.
  • Galuf: I'd like to meet them, too. They must have some stories to tell.
  • Setzer: You and Strago would get along. You have a thing or two in common.
  • Relm: Please take good care of him when the time comes!
  • Relm: If he starts whining, just clock him one, 'kay?
  • Galuf: S-sure, but gently, perhaps...
  • Cecil: Love comes in all forms...I guess.
  • Tifa: You can say that again.
  • Relm: Grandpa... I'm doing fine, so you hang in there, too...
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A Thousand Words Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

A Thousand Words Pt. 2[edit | edit source]

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A Thousand Words Co-op[edit | edit source]

A Thousand Words EX[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

The title of this event is based on the English adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words", meaning that a photograph or painting can convey much more than the written word.

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