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A Relic Reborn: the Hydra is a Trial Trial in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, encountered as part of the Relic Weapon quest. Crucially, players must fight the Hydra with their unfinished relic weapons in order to complete the quest, putting themselves at a significant disadvantage as they are much weaker at that stage than other weapons of similar level.


Left to starve in their abandoned training grounds, the fighting beasts of Halatali have survived on the flesh of the unprepared these past five years. Some have prospered more than others in the abattoir gloom; the hydra reposes fat and malignant, an apt pupil for your yet unfinished relic. Seek out this foul orphan of the Calamity, and let the bards sing of it.



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Musical themes[]

"Torn from the Heavens" plays during the battle with the Hydra.


The Hydra was one of the spawn of Echidna, a many-headed serpentine monstrosity in Ancient Greek mythology. It could breathe poison, and indeed its very blood was deadly. The Hydra was killed as one of Heracles's Twelve Labors.


  1. While this duty was available in 2.0, it was not added to the duty finder until patch 2.16.