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A Reliable White Mage is a time-limited event where Porom from Final Fantasy IV can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Gotta Save Her!:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.
(Porom is blocked by two Ghosts and a Specter)

  • ???: What should I do...
  • ???: Excuse me... I'm looking for somebody. Would you mind...stepping aside?
  • ???: ...Alright. If you won't move, then...
  • ???: I'll just have to take you down!

  • Zack: Whew! Wasn't that last battle a blast?
  • Zack: Did you see my special technique? It slayed that monster!
  • Seifer: What are you getting all excited about?
  • Seifer: I was the one who landed the finishing blow.
  • Zack: Wh-what'd you say!?
  • Seifer: Are all you SOLDIER twerps hard of hearing? Or are you just in denial?
  • Zack: Alright, buddy! Let's settle this right here and right now!
  • Seifer: If it'll shut you up, it'd be my pleasure.
  • Zack: Likewise! You'll be sorry for picking a fight with me, you—
  • Onion Knight: Settle down, you two. What's the point in fighting about it?
  • Zack: He's trying to steal my thunder!
  • Krile: Hehe... Even though you say that, I can tell you care about Seifer.
  • Krile: You don't want him to feel alone, right?
  • Zack: H-huh!? How did you know that? What gave it away...?

(The party hears a monster roar)

  • Seifer: Hey... Thanks to your big mouth, we've got guests now.
  • Zack: I-is that my fault...?
  • Krile: Everyone, look! Over there! A little girl is surrounded by monsters!
  • Onion Knight: We've gotta save her!
  • Krile: She seems pretty calm, though...
  • Zack: She's probably so scared she can't move! Let's go!

(Zack runs off)

  • Seifer: Where are you running off to!? Those monsters are mine!

(Seifer runs off)

  • Krile: Hehe. Sometimes I can't tell if they're friends or not...
  • Onion Knight: C'mon, there's no time to waste, Krile!
A Precocious Mage:
  • ???: Hyah! Take that!

(Porom defeats the Specter)

  • ???: ...That should do it.
  • Zack: Huh!? Did you defeat them all by yourself!?

(Zack and Seifer arrive)

  • ???: Oh? Did you come to help? Thank you!
  • Zack: Oh, uh, you're welcome...
  • Seifer: Are you stupid or something?
  • Palom: Porom!

(Palom reunites with Porom)

  • Porom: Palom!?
  • Porom: I finally found you! Where have you been?
  • Palom: I should ask the same to you! But I'm happy you're fine.

(Cecil and Aerith arrive)

  • Cecil: Porom! I'm so glad to see you unharmed.
  • Porom: Likewise, Cecil. It's a relief to see you.
  • Zack: Is this little girl...
  • Aerith: Palom's twin sister?
  • Palom: That's right! Her name's Porom, and she's super strong—just like me!
  • Seifer: Hmph... That's better than useless.
  • Aerith: Palom called you a prodigy, and he certainly wasn't exaggerating.
  • Porom: I'm no prodigy... We're still in training, after all.
  • Porom: ...My apologies for being so forward, but who might you be...?

  • Porom: ...I see. And that's why I'm now in a different world...
  • Porom: I'm sure it hasn't been easy taking care of my brother. Please accept my heartfelt thanks.
  • Zack: ...I noticed it before, but you're so polite.
  • Seifer: Unlike your brother.
  • Palom: Wh-what's that supposed to mean!?
  • Porom: Enough, Palom! Mind your manners!
  • Palom: Urk, now I'm in for it...
  • Porom: I'm sure my brother's caused you all sorts of trouble, playing pranks and the like...
  • Palom: Hey! Why isn't anyone defending me!?
  • Porom: ...You warriors from other worlds can take it easy now. Rest assured I'll take care of Palom.
  • Porom: From now on, I'll be happy to travel with you while keeping an eye on him!
  • Palom: What!? I don't need a babysitter!
  • Porom: Quiet, Palom!
  • Palom: O-okay...
  • Cecil: Thank you, Porom. Your presence is a great relief to us...
  • Aerith: We're happy to welcome such a reliable new friend on board!
  • Porom: Hehe. Leave everything to me!
Palom & Porom:
  • Mog: Go here, kupo... And then there, kupo...
  • Mog: I'm so busy, kupo... Being a spirit guide sure isn't easy...
  • Mog: Wh-who's there, kupo?

(Mog turns around to find a Wight Priest behind him)

  • Yang: That's Lord Mog's voice!
  • Maria: Oh no! Mog is being attacked by monsters!
  • Auron: There's no time to waste. Let's go!

  • Mog: P-please don't eat me! I'm bad for your tummy, kupo!
  • Yang: He's too far away! We might not make it!
  • Maria: No...! Mog!

  • Palom: Heeey! Over here!

(Palom and Porom arrive to Mog's rescue)

  • Palom: This way, big guy!
  • Porom: We'll play with you!

  • Palom: Now, Auron!
  • Porom: Save Mog!
  • Auron: Hmph. Those kids...
  • Yang: Understood. Leave the rest to us!

(The party finishes the battle)

  • Mog: That was a close one, kupo...
  • Porom: Are you alright, Mog?
  • Mog: I'm just fine, thanks to you two, kupo!
  • Palom: Hehe! Just think where you'd be without us!
  • Porom: Quit boasting, will you?
  • Maria: But you two did admirably. If you hadn't been there, we might not have reached Mog in time.
  • Auron: Indeed. Risking your own life to protect a comrade is no easy feat.
  • Yang: ...Now that I think about it, something similar happened back in our home world.
  • Yang: These two risked their very lives to save us from being crushed by the walls.
  • Yang: They turned themselves to stone...
  • Porom: That's right...
  • Palom: Well, we couldn't let you guys die like that!
  • Maria: How incredible. You two are so courageous.
  • Auron: The future looks bright for these two...
  • Porom: Thank you! We'll continue to do our best to help this world.
  • Palom: Yeah! We're prodigies, after all!
  • Porom: Palom! What did I say about boasting!?
Spoilers end here.

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