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In darkness the Crystal dreams as from the flames of destruction a new beginning rises. Come brave heroes heed the Crystal's call. Gather once more and witness a realm reborn.

Text on the album cover

A REALM REBORN: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and includes almost all themes featured in the game up to patch 2.1. It is primarily composed by sound director Masayoshi Soken and also features music by Nobuo Uematsu, Tsuyoshi Sekito, and Naoshi Mizuta.

The Blu-ray format was chosen due to the number of tracks, allowing it to be a single disc release. The package includes a code that can be applied to the user's Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn account to obtain a Wind-up Bahamut minion.

The 120th track, "Battle on the Big Bridge Reborn", is a hidden track that does not play when the disc is in a Blu-Ray player, but only exists as an mp3 file. The user must enter the password "gilgamesh" to unzip the file.

Six of the tracks were previously released on CD with the collector's edition of A Realm Reborn, as Sounds of Eorzea - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Special Soundtrack. Two of those tracks were renamed for this later release ("Jewel of the Desert" became "A New Hope", and "The Navigator's Veil" became "I Am the Sea").

Track list[]

  1. Prelude – Rebirth — 1:16
    (プレリュード ~再誕の煌めき~, Pureryūdo ~Saitan no Kirameki~?, lit. Prelude ~Sparkle of Rebirth~)
    Plays in the title screen.
  2. Torn from the Heavens — 5:11
    (天より降りし力, Ten yori Furishi Chikara?, lit. Power to Descend from Heaven)
    Plays during certain certain fights, including powerful FATE encounters and when engaging S-rank Elite Marks.
  3. Prelude – Discoveries — 10:30
    (プレリュード ~冒険の序章~, Pureryūdo ~Bōken no Joshō~?, lit. Prelude ~Adventure's Beginning~)
    Plays in the Character Select screen as well as during Character Creation.
  4. A New Hope — 11:24
    (希望の都, Kibō no Miyako?, lit. City of Hope)
    The theme of Ul'dah (day).
  5. To the Sun — 6:34
    (灼熱の地へ, Shakunetsu no Chi e?, lit. To the Scorching Lands)
    Medley of themes that play in areas of Thanalan.
  6. The Land Burns — 3:04
    (荒野の鼓動, Areno no Kodō?, lit. Beat of the Wasteland)
    Thanalan battle theme.
  7. The Gift of Life — 1:07
    (生命の賜物, Seimei no Tamamono?, lit. Gift of Life)
    Plays in certain settlements and aetheryte camps.
  8. Another Round — 2:16
    (もう一杯!, Mō Ippai!?, lit. Another Cup!)
    Plays in the Adventurers' Guild and various bar settings.
  9. Hard to Miss — 4:12
    (宿命, Shukumei?, lit. Destiny)
    FATE battle theme.
  10. Bo-down — 1:57
    (レンタル de チョコボ, Rentaru de Chokobo?, lit. Rental de Chocobo)
    Plays when riding a rental Chocobo.
  11. Sultana Dreaming — 7:05
    (夢見る女王陛下, Yume Miru Jō'ō Heika?, lit. Dreaming Majesty)
    The theme of Ul'dah (night).
  12. Bliss — 1:56
    (無常の喜び, Mujō no Yorokobi?, lit. Impermanence of Joy)
    Plays in a variety of light-hearted cutscenes.
  13. Fracture — 1:25
    (不穏な気配, Fuon no Kehai?, lit. Disquieting Presence)
    Players during tense moments in some cutscenes.
  14. Tenacity — 5:05
    (不屈の闘志, Fukutsu no Tōshi?, lit. Indomitable Fighting Spirit)
    Levequest theme.
  15. Return of the Hero — 2:16
    (英雄の凱旋, Eiyū no Gaisen?, lit. Hero's Triumphal Return)
    Plays in various cutscenes.
  16. A World Apart — 3:38
    (そして世界へ, Soshite Sekai e?, lit. Now, Into the World)
    Plays during the cutscene where the player character leaves their home region.
  17. I Am the Sea — 13:58
    (偉大なる母港, Idai naru Bokō?, lit. Great Home Port)
    The theme of Limsa Lominsa (day).
  18. On Westerly Winds — 5:19
    (西風に乗せて, Nishikaze ni Nosete?, lit. On Westerly Winds)
    Medley of themes that play in areas of La Noscea.
  19. The Land Breathes — 3:04
    (大地の鼓動, Daichi no Kodō?, lit. Beat of the Ground)
    Limsa Lominsa battle theme.
  20. Saltswept — 1:49
    (潮風香る街, Shiokaze Kaoru Machi?, lit. Town where the Sea Breeze Smells)
    Plays in certain settlements and aetheryte camps, namely Aleport.
  21. Ruby Moonrise — 2:19
    (爆ぜよ耐熱装備, Hazeyō Tainetsu Sōbi?, lit. Heat-resistant Equipment)
    Quick remix of the theme that plays in Costa del Sol.
  22. Eorzea de Chocobo — 2:33
    (エオルゼア de チョコボ, Eoruzea de Chokobo?, lit. Eorzea de Chocobo)
    Plays when the player rides a company chocobo.
  23. A Sailor Never Sleeps — 7:45
    (船乗りは眠らない, Funanori wa Nemuranai?, lit. A Sailor Never Sleeps)
    The theme of Limsa Lominsa (night).
  24. Currents — 0:51
    (潮流, Chōryū?, lit. Currents)
    Plays in certain settlements and aetheryte camps.
  25. Brothers in Arms — 6:31
    (戦友, Senyū?, lit. Comrades in Arms)
    Guildhest theme.
  26. Wailers And Waterwheels — 11:26
    (水車の調べ, Suisha no Shirabe?, lit. Song of Waterwheels)
    The theme of Gridania (day).
  27. Serenity — 5:52
    (静穏の森, Seion no Mori?, lit. Serene Forest)
    Medley of themes that play in areas of the Black Shroud.
  28. The Land Bends — 2:49
    (森の鼓動, Mori no Kodō?, lit. Beat of the Forest)
    The Black Shroud battle theme.
  29. Reign of Pain — 2:01
    (黒き悪魔, Kuroki Akuma?, lit. Black Devil)
    Shantotto's theme for the "Burgeoning Dread" event.
  30. The Rider's Boon — 3:18
    (その背に揺られて, Sono Se ni Yurarete?, lit. Riding Upon Its Back)
    Plays when the player rides on any mounts other than chocobos.
  31. Dance of the Fireflies — 4:24
    (蛍たちの舞踏会, Hotaru-tachi no Budōkai?, lit. Ball of the Fireflies)
    The theme of Gridania (night).
  32. Greenwrath — 1:23
    (精霊の意思, Seirei no Ishi?, lit. Will of Spirits)
    Plays in the Black Shroud areas.
  33. From the Depths — 1:34
    (仄暗い底から, Honogurai Soko kara?, lit. From the Dark Bottom)
    Plays in Sastasha.
  34. The Promise of Plunder — 3:48
    (隠し財宝を求めて, Kakushi Zaihō wo Motomete?, lit. In Search of Hidden Treasures)
    Battle theme of lower level dungeons.
  35. Slumber Disturbed — 1:14
    (妨げられた眠り, Samatagerareta Nemuri?, lit. Disturbed Slumber)
    Plays in Tam-Tara Deepcroft.
  36. A Fine Death — 3:11
    (名誉に賭けて, Meiyo ni Kakete?, lit. Bet on Honour)
    Dungeon boss battle theme.
  37. Below — 1:36
    (地下坑道, Chika Kōdō?, lit. Underground Tunnel)
    Plays in Copperbell Mines.
  38. Nemesis — 4:52
    (ネメシス, Nemeshisu?, lit. Nemesis)
    Plays during the final boss of a dungeon.
  39. A Victory Fanfare Reborn (Full) — 1:41
    (勝利のファンファーレ ~新生(フル)~, Shōri no Fanfare ~Shinsei (Furu)~?, lit. Victory Fanfire ~Reborn (Full)~)
    Plays after the party cleared the dungeon.
  40. The Waking Sands — 4:10
    (砂の家, Suna no Ie?, lit. House of Sand)
    Plays in the Waking Sands and the Rising Stones.
  41. Smoulder — 1:29
    (燻る灰, Kusuburu Hai?, lit. Smouldering Ash)
    Plays in the encampment of the Brotherhood of Ash.
  42. Pitfire — 1:56
    (炎獄の火種, Engoku no Hidane?, lit. Spark of Flame Jail(?))
    Plays in Zahar'ak.
  43. One Blood — 1:56
    (血脈, Ketsumyaku?, lit. Blood Ties)
    Primal summoning theme.
  44. Primal Judgment — 3:05
    (原始の審判, Genshi no Shinpan?, lit. Primal Judgment)
    Plays during any boss battle with Ifrit.
  45. Calling — 0:36
    (星の囁き, Hoshi no Sasayaki?, lit. Whisper of the Stars)
  46. Where the Heart Is — 2:39
    (心温まる場所, Kokoro Atatamaru Basho?, lit. A Place that Warms the Heart)
    Plays in the residential districts (day).
  47. Where the Hearth Is — 5:21
    (体暖まる場所, Karada Atatamaru Basho?, lit. A Place that Warms the Body)
    Plays in the residential districts (night).
  48. Battle Theme 1.x — 3:30
    (戦闘シーン1.X, Sentō Shīn 1.X?, lit. battle theme 1.x)
    Plays in some instanced battles, FATES, and during battles against Rank B Elite Marks.
    A remix of the Final Fantasy II battle theme.
  49. Conundrum — 2:07
    (堂々巡り, Dōdōmeguri?, lit. Going Around in Circles)
    Plays in various cutscenes.
  50. Agent of Inquiry — 1:44
    (事件屋のアレ, Jikenya no Are?, lit. A Private Investigator's That)
    Hildibrand's theme.
  51. The Ludus — 1:25
    (闘士の修練所, Tōshi no Shūrenjō?, lit. Fighter's Training Hall)
    Plays in Halatali.
  52. Flibbertigibbet — 1:46
    (イタズラっ子たち, Itazurakko-tachi?, lit. Mischief Makers)
    Plays in Little Solace.
  53. A Curious Breed of Botherment — 1:54
    (世にも奇妙な厄介者, Yo ni mo Kimyō na Yakkaimono?, lit. A Strange Breed of Troublemakers Indeed)
    Plays in the Sylphlands.
  54. A Thousand Screams — 0:58
    (千の悲鳴, Sen no Himei?, lit. A Thousand Screams)
    Plays in the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak.
  55. My Soul to Keep — 2:08
    (我が魂を捧げて, Waga Tamashī wo Sasagete?, lit. I Give My Soul)
    Lady Amandine's theme.
  56. From Fear to Fortitude — 4:21
    (豪勇の士, Gōyū no Shi?, lit. Brave Fighter)
    Level 30 class quest battle theme.
  57. The Maiden's Lament — 1:20
    (乙女の哀歌, Otome no Aika?, lit. Maiden's Lament)
    Plays in Haukke Manor.
  58. Ruby Sunrise — 3:57
    (輝く太陽, Kagayaku Taiyō?, lit. Shining Sun)
    Plays in Costa del Sol.
  59. Lipflaps on Longstops — 1:08
    (野営地のお調子者, Yaeichi no Ochōshimono?, lit. Campground Buffoon)
    Plays in Brayflox's Longstop.
  60. Echoes of Ages Past — 0:55
    (昔日の残響, Sekijitsu no Zankyō?, lit. Echoes of Ages Past)
    Plays in the Sunken Temple of Qarn.
  61. Abomination — 1:02
    (憎悪, Zō'o?, lit. Hatred)
    Plays in Cutter's Cry.
  62. Quick as Silver, Hard as Stone — 2:30
    (疾きこと銀の如く、硬きこと石の如く, Tokikoto Kane no Gotoku, Katakikoto Ishi no Gotoku?, lit. Quick like Silver, Hard like Stone)
    Plays in U'ghamoro Mines.
  63. Weight of a Whisper — 1:40
    (タイタンの慟哭, Taitan no Dōkoku?, lit. Titan's Lament)
    First phase of any boss battle with Titan.
  64. Weight of His Will — 2:52
    (タイタンの憤怒, Taitan no Funne?, lit. Titan's Rage)
    Second phase of any boss battle with Titan.
  65. Weight of the World — 1:35
    (タイタンの激震, Taitan no Gekishin?, lit. Titan's Quake)
    Third phase of any boss battle with Titan.
  66. Heartless — 2:16
    (タイタンの心核, Taitan no Shinkaku?, lit. Titan's Core)
    Heart phase of any boss battle with Titan.
  67. Under the Weight — 11:34
    (過重圧殺! ~蛮神タイタン討滅戦~, Kajū Assatsu! ~Banshin Taitan Tōmetsusen~?, lit. Crushing Weight ~Savage God Titan Showdown~)
    Main part of the theme that plays during any boss battle with Titan.
  68. Forever Lost — 2:58
    (永遠の離別, Eien no Ribetsu?, lit. Eternal Parting)
    Plays during the quests "A Royal Reception", "A Mizzenmast Repast", and "Renewing the Covenant".
  69. Fealty — 3:33
    (忠義, Chūgi?, lit. Loyalty)
    Plays in field areas of Coerthas (during daytime).
  70. Undying Faith — 0:55
    (鋼の信仰, Hagane no Shinkō?, lit. Faith of Steel)
    Plays in smaller settlements of Coerthas.
  71. The Land Breaks — 3:19
    (雪山の鼓動, Setsuzan no Kodō?, lit. Beat of the Snowy Mountain)
    Coerthas battle theme.
  72. The Dragon's Dirge — 1:01
    (竜の葬送歌, Ryū no Sōsōka?, lit. Dragoon's Dirge)
    Plays in Camp Dragonhead.
  73. Cold Salvation — 1:02
    (極寒戦線, Gokkan Sensen?, lit. Frigid War Front)
    Plays in the Stone Vigil.
  74. The Darkhold — 1:12
    (ゼーメル要塞, Zēmeru Yōsai?, lit. Dzemael Stronghold)
    Plays in Dzemael Darkhold.
  75. Miser's Folly — 1:09
    (守銭奴の愚行, Shūsendo no Gukū?, lit. Miser's Folly)
    Plays in the Aurum Vale.
  76. Thunderer — 5:04
    (雷鳴, Raimei?, lit. Thunder)
    Plays during the fight against the Behemoth, Lahabrea, and Twintania.
  77. Kiss of Chaos — 1:43
    (混沌の予感, Konton no Yokan?, lit. Premonition from Chaos)
    Ominous theme that plays in cutscenes, as well as in the Halfstone area of Western La Noscea.
  78. Flightless Wings — 2:35
    (猛き嵐の剣に, Takeki Arashi no Ken ni?, lit. To the Sword of Fierce Storms)
    Plays in Natalan.
  79. Fleeting Rays — 1:37
    (儚き光彩, Hakanaki Kōsai?, lit. Fleeting Rays)
    Plays in both the Burning Wall of Eastern Thanalan and the Floating City of Nym in Outer La Noscea.
  80. Engage — 3:36
    (蒼き翼, Aoki Tsubasa?, lit. Blue Wings)
    Plays when riding Cid's airship.
  81. Damnation — 1:03
    (破滅, Hametsu?, lit. Destruction)
    Plays in various cutscenes.
  82. Fallen Angel — 4:30
    (堕天せし者, Datenseshi mono?, lit. Fallen One)
    Garuda's battle theme.
  83. Frontiers Within — 3:25
    (フロンティア, Furontia?, lit. Frontier)
    The theme of Revenant's Toll (day).
  84. Reflections — 2:08
    (リフレクション, Rifurekushon?, lit. Reflection)
    The theme of Revenant's Toll (night).
  85. Intertwined — 3:32
    (交錯, Kōsaku?, lit. Mixture)
    Plays in Mor Dhona area.
  86. The Land Bleeds — 3:05
    (水晶の鼓動, Suishō no Kodō?, lit. Beat of the Crystal)
    Mor Dhona battle theme.
  87. Crystal Rain — 0:55
    (クリスタルの雨, Kurisutaru no Ame?, lit. Crystal Rain)
    Plays in Saint Coinach's Find.
  88. Through the Gloom — 1:53
    (薄闇に射す光, Usuyami ni Sasu Hikari?, lit. Light that Pierces Gloom)
    Plays in Pharos Sirius.
  89. Slither — 0:23
    (五里霧中, Gorimuchū?, lit. At a Loss)
    Plays in certain areas.
  90. Good King Moggle Mog XII — 3:13
    (善王モグル・モグXII世, Zen'ō Moguru Mogu XII?, lit. Good King Moggle Mog XII)
    Good King Moggle Mog's battle theme.
  91. A Tonberry's Tears — 1:04
    (トンベリの涙, Tonberi no Namida?, lit. Tonberry's Tears)
    Plays in the Wanderer's Palace.
  92. A Fell Air Falleth — 2:55
    (戦士の直感, Senshi no Chokkan?, lit. Warrior's Intuition)
    Mid-level dungeon battle theme.
  93. Cracks in the Wall — 1:15
    (古城にて……, Kojō nite......?, lit. At the Ancient Castle......)
    Plays in Amdapor Keep.
  94. Skullduggery — 2:13
    (奸計, Kankei?, lit. Trickery)
    Plays in some instanced battles.
  95. Breaking Boundaries — 1:59
    (極限を超えて, Kyokugen wo Koete?, lit. Breaking Boundaries)
    Plays in the final job quest battle (level 50).
  96. The Dark's Embrace — 2:00
    (闇の抱擁, Yami no Hōyō?, lit. The Dark's Embrace)
    Hard mode dungeon theme.
  97. The Dark's Kiss — 2:02
    (闇の口付, Yami no Kuchizuke?, lit. The Dark's Kiss)
    Hard mode dungeon battle theme.
  98. Hubris
    (傲慢, Gōman?, lit. Hubris) — 5:52
    Plays in the Crystal Tower - Labyrinth of the Ancients.
    Arranged version of "The Altar Cave" from Final Fantasy III.
  99. Ever Upwards — 6:00
    (天上へ, Tenjō e?, lit. To the Heavens)
    Plays during battles in the Crystal Tower - Labyrinth of the Ancients.
    The aggressive mix of "Hubris".
  100. Tumbling Down — 6:46
    (奈落へ, Naraku e?, lit. To the Hells)
    Plays during the battles against Phlegethon and Xande.
    Arranged version of "Battle 2" from Final Fantasy III.
  101. Defender of the Realm — 2:20
    (エオルゼアの守護者, Eoruzea no Shugosha?, lit. Eorzea's Guardians)
    Plays in late Main Scenario cutscenes.
  102. Machinations — 1:28
    (軍議, Gungi?, lit. War Council)
    Plays in Northern Thanalan sanctuaries and the Wolves' Den.
  103. Discordance — 0:21
    (不調和, Fuchōwa?, lit. Discord)
    Field theme of Northern Thanalan.
  104. The Emperor's Wont — 8:26
    (魔導の軍勢, Madō no Gunzei?, lit. Magicked Military Forces))
    Plays in Imperial Castrums.
  105. Beyond the Unknown — 0:13
    (未知の領域へ, Michi no Ryōiki?, lit. To Unknown Territories)
  106. The Only Path — 0:59
    (ただひとつの道, Tada Hitotsu no Michi?, lit. The Only Path)
  107. Penitus — 14:18
    (魔導城プラエトリウム, Madōjō Puraetoriumu?, lit. Magicked Fortress Praetorium)
    Plays in the Praetorium.
  108. Bite of the Black Wolf — 4:36
    (漆黒の王狼、咆吼せり, Shikkoku no Ōkami, Hōkō seri?, lit. The Black Wolf Howls)
    Gaius van Baelsar's battle theme.
  109. The Maker's Ruin — 2:51
    (神なき世界, Kami naki Sekai?, lit. Godless World)
    Plays in the battle against the Ultima Weapon (phase 1).
  110. Ultima — 7:10
    (究極幻想, Kyūkyoku Gensō?, lit. Ultimate Illusion)
    Plays in the battle against the Ultima Weapon (phase 2 and "Ultimate Ballad" sidequest).
  111. Serving the Light — 1:04
    (光の加護, Hikari no Kago?, lit. Protection of the Light)
    Plays during the quest "The Ultimate Weapon".
  112. Flight — 1:15
    (終局, Shūkyoku?, lit. Finale)
    Plays during the quest "The Ultimate Weapon".
  113. The Seventh Sun — 5:00
    (第七星暦, Dainana Hoshireki?, lit. The Seventh Sun)
    Plays during the credits.
  114. Dawn of a New Era — 1:07
    (新時代の暁, Shinjidai no Akatsuki?, lit. Dawn of a New Era)
    Plays during the credits.
  115. And You! – A Realm Reborn Medley — 2:40
    (And You! ~新生エオルゼアメドレー~, And You! ~Shinsei Eoruzea Medore~?, lit. And You! ~A Realm Reborn Medley~)
    Plays during the credits.
  116. The Corpse Hall — 10:50
    (, Zan?, lit. Decapitation)
    Plays during "Steel Reign" FATE.
  117. Primal Timbre — 6:31
    (真実を求めて, Shinjitsu wo Motomete?, lit. In Search of the Truth)
    Plays in the Binding Coil of Bahamut.
  118. Spiral — 6:54
    (螺旋, Rasen?, lit. Spiral)
    Battle theme in the Binding Coil of Bahamut.
  119. Calamity Unbound — 8:08
    (試練を超える力, Shiren wo Koeru Chikara?, lit. Strength to Overcome Trials)
    Boss theme for the Binding Coil of Bahamut.
  120. Battle on the Big Bridge Reborn — 4:24
    (ビッグブリッヂの死闘 ~新生~, Biggu Buriji no Shitō ~Shinsei~?, lit. Mortal Combat on the Big Bridge ~Reborn~)
    Gilgamesh's battle theme.



  • Masayoshi Soken (1~9, 11, 13, 16~24, 26~28, 31~37, 39~41, 45~48, 50~55, 57~61, 63~77, 79~95, 102~119)
  • Nobuo Uematsu (10, 38, 42, 44, 78, 96, 97)
  • Masayoshi Soken, Film Score (12, 14, 15, 25, 49, 56, 98~101)
  • Naoshi Mizuta (29, 62)
  • Tsuyoshi Sekito (30)
  • Film Score (43)


  • Masayoshi Soken, Film Score (1, 2, 4, 5, 115)
  • Film Score (3, 11, 12, 14~18, 20, 23, 25~27, 31, 43, 49, 56, 68, 80, 94, 98~101, 104, 107, 110, 112~114, 116, 117, 119)
  • Masayoshi Soken (6~9, 13, 19, 21, 22, 24, 28, 32~37, 39~42, 45~48, 50~55, 57~61, 63~67, 69~77, 79, 81~93, 102, 103, 105, 106, 108, 109, 111, 118)
  • Tsutomu Narita (10, 38, 44, 78, 96)
  • Naoshi Mizuta (29, 62, 97)
  • Tsuyoshi Sekito (30, 95)
  • Lyrics and Vocals: Michael-Christopher Koji Fox
  • Latin Translation: Eva Kappeller
  • Vocals: Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, Fukiko Sekine [76 & 82] & Yuriko Nagata [90]
  • Chorus: Akane Ikeya [69] & Music Creation (Isamu Isizuka, Yuri Kasahara, Nobuyuki Katou, Kazuhiro Komiya, Takahiko Kumagai, Takahiro Nagai, Atsuko Okawa, Etsuyo Ota, Tamami Shiraishi, Sin Sugie)

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