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A Prayer for One Dear is a time-limited event where Rosa from Final Fantasy IV can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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A Fair Friend:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Rem: We've come pretty far. Don't you think we should head back?
  • Kain: You're right. Let's head back and...
  • Palom: Look!

(Rosa runs past, chased by a Ghoul and Ghost)

  • ???: They're still after me!?
  • Kain: Is that...Rosa!?
  • Thancred: We must go.

  • Rosa: There are so many of them...but I mustn't give up.
  • Kain: Are you alright, Rosa?

(Kain lands in front of Rosa)

  • Rosa: Kain! Yes. Yes, I'm all right.
  • Kain: Are you with me?

(The party finishes the battle)

(Rosa heals Yuri)

  • Rosa: There. That should do it.
  • Yuri: Thanks! It doesn't hurt at all anymore.
  • Chelinka: Yuri, why's your face all red?
  • Palom: Maybe it's because Rosa's a lot prettier than you, Chelinka!
  • Yuri: You're right! She's pretty and nice and...
  • Chelinka: Wait a second! I'm all those things too!
  • Palom: Are you, though...?
  • Rosa: I see you've made some new friends.
  • Kain: That's right. They're trusty comrades.
  • Thancred: How about you introduce us to the lady?
  • Kain: She is a friend. Rosa, Cecil, and I grew up together.
  • Rem: That explains why you rushed off without hesitation.
  • Thancred: Just "friends"? What a shame.
  • Rem: Kain isn't like you, Thancred. It's natural to care about someone you've known for a long time.
  • Rosa: I apologize if I caused you worry. Thank you all so much. I wouldn't be standing here if not for all of you.
  • Yuri: Then let's go and find Cecil! He'll be happy to see you're doing okay.
  • Kain: He's nearby. I'll explain everything on the way.
  • Rosa: Thank you. But let me heal you first.
  • Rem: You were hurt? I didn't notice at all!
  • Kain: It's nothing. I thought I hid it well.
  • Rosa: You did, but you can't fool me.
Beautiful You:

(Cecil runs to Rosa and Kain)

  • Cecil: Rosa!
  • Cecil: I'm not certain whether I should be happy seeing you here.
  • Rosa: I'm fine, Cecil. Kain came to my rescue.
  • Cecil: What a relief! Thank you, friend.
  • Kain: I told her about this world we're in, and she was determined to come and see you.
  • Rosa: Knowing I can be of help erases any fear I may have.
  • Cecil: Thank you, Rosa, for being strong.
  • Cecil: Everyone, this is Rosa. She's very dear to me.

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Celes: I knew it!
  • Bartz: I'm glad you found each other.
  • Eiko: You must be a good person if you're Cecil's sweetie.
  • Kain: She's a bit stubborn, but possesses a strong will.
  • Eiko: You must know her well, to be able to spot something like that.
  • Kain: I must go back to patrolling the area.
  • Cecil: Already? But Rosa is here.
  • Kain: What I'm doing helps her and everyone else.
  • Kain: You should rest and catch up.
  • Eiko: Wait! I'm going with you.
  • Eiko: I know how you feel. Chin up!

(Kain and Eiko leave)

  • Cecil: I was hoping we could all talk together.
  • Bartz: He's letting you two have some time alone. After all, you must have a lot to talk about.
  • Bartz: I suppose it's time for us to patrol the area too.
  • Rosa: Oh! You don't have to...
  • Celes: Reuniting with someone you've been hoping to see again is nothing short of a miracle. Don't take this for granted.

(Celes and Bartz leave)

  • Cecil: Did Kain tell you how I lost my memory? I would be lost if not for him.
  • Rosa: That's just like him. Though he saved me back there, I don't always want to be protected.
  • Rosa: I want to do what I can for the both of you, too.
  • Cecil: I thought you might say something like that.
  • Cecil: Come with us. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Rosa: Thank you, Cecil. I'll always be by your side.
Ever by Your Side:
  • Rosa: It's your turn, Lilisette.

(Lilisette comes over for Rosa to heal her)

  • Lilisette: Wow! I feel much better!
  • Aerith: That's amazing. This must've taken you a long time to learn.
  • Rosa: It took a lot of hard work.
  • Terra: It wasn't so easy at first?
  • Rosa: I became a white mage to support Cecil.
  • Aerith: Because you care for him.
  • Rosa: As a mage, I could keep an eye on him in battle too.
  • Vincent: Instead of keeping him away from strife, you joined him.
  • Vincent: You chose a path that allowed you to watch over him.
  • Lilisette: Didn't that worry the people around you?
  • Rosa: My mother was against it. But this was something I had to do.
  • Aerith: It's only natural for a mother to worry about her children.
  • Terra: But they don't always know what's best for you because of their concerns.
  • Terra: It's impossible to hold back the feeling of wanting to protect someone you care about.
  • Snow: Exactly. It's that feeling that makes you stronger and helps you face whatever comes your way.
  • Lilisette: I fight, too, in hopes of getting stronger to protect the things I care about.
  • Rosa: As long as you hold on to that determination, you can do anything.
  • Rosa: It will pave the path to the future you hope for.
  • Vincent: Sometimes the path has obstacles you may need to overcome.
  • Rosa: Yes. There have been times I wasn't strong enough. I let everyone down.
  • Rosa: But I vowed to stay by Cecil's side. And to do so, I need to become stronger.
  • Snow: Good luck! You're gonna have your hands full with that one. But I'm sure your conviction is a part of what keeps him going.
  • Rosa: Thank you. I'll try my best.
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A Prayer for One Dear Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first character event to feature a fourth boosted character, who always has the most recently released Lost Chapter close to the event. However, this character will not receive a boost when the event itself returns as a Lost Chapter.
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