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A Place to Call Home was a single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


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A young boy with simian features is dropped onto the planet Gaia, whereupon he is discovered and taken in by Baku and inducted into the Tantalus Theater Troupe. He becomes a notorious thief, albeit one with a noble heart. In his escapades, he hears of valuable treasure hidden at the King estate in Treno and proceeds to steal it. In the process, he crosses paths with a recently-hired Amarant Coral, whom to this point finds his position as a security guard boring. The boy, Zidane Tribal, manages to distract Amarant and complete the theft, then dupes local authorities into thinking Amarant was the perpetrator. Thus was a rivalry born, one that made Amarant a fugitive while at the same time propelling him into bounty hunting.

Flash forward some years later, and Zidane tells his story to the party in bits and parts; he is a youth searching for a place to call home based on little more than a blue light. He recounts the greater part of his tale to Dagger when she asks what Vivi could be searching for in Black Mage Village. The latter hero is but one of many sentient Black Mages seeking a place to belong.

Rivals meet again in Madain Sari as Amarant's ally of circumstance, Lani, resorts to thievery herself to retrieve Alexandria's crystal pendant for Queen Brahne, by luring Zidane and his party into a trap. Eiko Carol is taken hostage. Amarant, however, intervenes as he would not stoop to such depths, but cannot resist the chance to square off with Zidane.

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The event theme was "Place I'll Return to Someday".